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I have a couple of servers running at the moment, and all of my clients are getting the correct time from the PDC. However 1 of the servers (my mail server) time is always wrong. It makes all of the email times wrong when sending/receiving on the clients.

I really don't know what is going on.
If I manually set the time it automatically changes.
If i set it to sync to the PDC or even to an external time server it starts off with the correct time, but 1 minute later it will have changed by itself to be out by about 10 mins.

What could be wrong?

I have used net time /
and also net time \\PDC /set /y

Both work, but lose time after 1 minute.
Any ideas?
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RevelationCSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
please take a look at for detailed information on how to use NTP and the corresponding windows services. I hope that you have w2k or w2k3 for your OSes. Usually, we use the the following when setting the time services on our servers:

'net time /setsntp:servername'
followed by
'w32tm -once -v'

This updates the SNTP and runs the config to set the time according the the selected server. It should not do a check for several hours after the w32tm command is run as above. If you notice the time being off, then you most likely are having a bios/cmos issue...

HousenetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
REGIONAL SETTINGS in control panel :)
The-ChadAuthor Commented:
I wish it were that easy, but it's not!

They're all correct.
Free Tool: Subnet Calculator

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-Opps, youre right.. Check out Date and Time instead... Time ZONE..  If you say that's not it well you're just a dirty little liar!
The-ChadAuthor Commented:
I guess I am a liar then, because that is not working!

I'd appreciate help from someone willing to help though, not give criticism and react like that!
I know if it is working or not and it's NOT!

You are wrong.

When i check date/time the seconds is counting extremely fast.
Every 4 seconds it counts is about 1 real second.
I was kidding around with you. Sorry. Im sure you know I do help :)
-Some application(process) must be causing this.
Try this... Kill processes in task manager all the while checking the clock speed.
Stop services one by one while checking.. You may hit on the source this way..
-Boot from a dos diskette and check if the time issue occures outside NT. From the diskette type time or just dir & repeat frequently. (It includes a time stamp which you should easily be able to judge "too fast")
Zaheer IqbalConnect With a Mentor Technical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
Is the time in the BIOS correct?
The-ChadAuthor Commented:
It was a CMOS problem.
The battery needed replacing, and after doing that it works fine.

Thanks for the help guys.
Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
So ahouldnt my answer be accepted rather than assisited
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