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People are having problems connecting to my website, hosted on my network. I have DSL and I set my hosting computer inside the DMZ of my router. This worked fine, until my router lost power and I lost my configuration. Now I set it up again but for some reason only people on alltel (my ISP) can connect to my website. I assume something I had setup on the router inadvertantly fixed this problem last time, but now I can't figure out what it was.
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samriConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If right after the problem (config lost to the router), and you reconfigure the device, and users from your ISP network could connect -- i would suspect that the device should be fine.  If remote users (from other netwrok) could not, there may be some external problem.

And still, I would agree to try with different router.

* It is infact intermitted.  The first time I tried just now - fail.  Need to refresh twice before getting the page.

Do you have static IP? if not check if the old www.yoursite.tld is still referring to the correct IP address.

Another thing to check is, try to get client from remote network (not from the same ISP) to try to access using IP address.  In this case make sure your apache vhost if configure correctly (if you had vhost defined).

another thing to check is that if there is any sessions hitting the dsl router at all (which is coming from users other than your ISP network).

sysop073Author Commented:
i have a dynamic IP, I use no-ip+ to automatically update it, it's correct. Connecting directly to my IP address doesn't work from remote networks, even on another port (I had apache listen on 1338 as well), but the router logs show an incoming access attempt, and apache is recording the access attempt. However, while the status code is 200 OK, the bytes returned are slightly low for every page. It appears that my apache isn't returning the full content of the page. I attempted telnetting to my server on port 80 and manually issuing the GET command and in midsentence the connection was closed. Any ideas? Thanks. It may be some sort of time limit I'm not aware of, short pages appear to work fine.
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hi sysop073,

>> command and in midsentence the connection was closed

Lookup at your problem, I would suspec that the problem is (maybe) not on Apache.  Do you think your DSL router may be dropping off packets.  Any chance of relooking at the ruleset?

If you do not mind, you could you send the URL to your website to my yahoo acct ( samrishah at  I can't guarantee that I can solve or figure out the problem, at least I could try.
sysop073Author Commented:
i'm going to try and find another router i can try to see if it helps, but for the moment i'm not sure whats causing the problem. i don't really have much of a ruleset, i just dmzed my computer and set port forwarding on 80 to my computer as well for fun, even though it shouldn't be necessary. it btw, i forgot to mention it originally.
hi Sysop.  To be frank, I can view the site just fine!.  The whole site is loaded in less than 30 sec.
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I am from 219.65.x.x network.
sysop073Author Commented:
hmm. it appears to be random now (users who can connect), i can't find any correlation. My router has to be malfunctioning, I'm still trying to find another one I can use to try this theory.
sysop073Author Commented:
I figured it out, my gateway router was going bad, not sure exactly what, but I shifted my routers around so I didn't need it anymore and everything works fine. Thanks for your help.
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