Using a ActiveX on a Netfront browser on Pocket PC to give GPS access

Can anyone tell me how to register an ActiveX on a NetFront Browser running on Pocket PC?

The ActiveX has no file types associated with it, it simply provides functionality for processing some GPS data sent via a COM Port.
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regsvr32 fileName

create a dummy webpage that requires the ActiveX so it is going to register itself.
FinduilasAuthor Commented:
Having asked the NetFront company (Access) why I couldn't get this to work, I (finally) received the answer that NetFront doesn't include the use of ActiveX other than those you can use with the plug-in method.

Also, there are no plans to include this in NetFront. so here, at least, is an area where PIE is actually better than NetFront.

Is there already a solution? I tried regsvr32 to register the both dlls, but without success... I have to use Netfront because of its JavaScript support.
FinduilasAuthor Commented:
Having spent quite some time on the problem before getting the above message from NetFront, I actually gave up the idea of using NetFront with my dll's.

I'm not aware of any Explorers for a PDA that allows you to register dll's while also using JavaScript events.

So unless the NetFront company will address this issue in some future release of their browser, I cannot see how this can be done.
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