keep track of the path travelled


   just like this EE, on the top panel just below the menu bar we have links of path from where we have travelled like now i am at following path

      Home || All Topics ||  Programming || Languages ||  C# || Ask a Question.

       so from here now i can go back to any of the path directly just clicking on any of the path from where i come,i.e if i want to go to the Programming topic then i can directly click on the programming and i will be displayed the programming page.
    So in the same manner  i also want to create path on my all pages on the top and i think if possible i need a generalize control which i can put on any page and i can get the path, one thing which i think would be important is that if i am on the top hierarchy then i donot need to display the downline path as for example

   if i am on the programming page in the path would be like this :
       Home || All Topics ||  Programming

   so please help me out i can do this thing and what can be the probalble code as i m new to and c# so if u can give me some code also then i will be very much thankful to you.

 vikram lashkari
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Fahad MukhtarDistinguished EngineerCommented:
What you need is a treeview control... follow the url
i believe most of them are free and easy to use
vikram_lashkariAuthor Commented:
no i donot need tree control i tell u that i  need the path of the page travelled as u can see on this site on the top u will find the following links

    Home || All Topics ||  Programming || Languages ||  C# || Ask a Question.

plz i need this type of thing not tree control ,i need some technique by which i can handle these thing
Fahad MukhtarDistinguished EngineerCommented:
sorry i use this one:
its a treeview actually

perhaps you need control like this:
Web tab control
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Fahad MukhtarDistinguished EngineerCommented:
vikram_lashkariAuthor Commented:
oh dear u didn't get me i donot need that tab control

   in this site you will see that below that tab we have
   hyperlinks of the page from where we have come

 suppose i logged in and i was at home page from the home page i selected ALL TOPICS and from all topics i come to the PROGRAMMING page and from the programming page i com to LANGUAGES page and from the language page i come to the C# page and from the C# page i selected the ASK A QUESTION page . So i travelled from these all pages and you can see that below the tab in this page there is hyperlinks of the path from which i come in the following pattern

                                               Home || All Topics ||  Programming || Languages ||  C# || Ask a Question.

   how can i implement this technoloyy in my page

vikram_lashkariAuthor Commented:
    no one is there who can solve my problem.I think it is not so hard for u all guys.Plz help me out
vikram_lashkariAuthor Commented:
   I m surprised that no one is reponding to my answer.How is can be possible.It is just i need the technique of handling the links from the path travelled and no one is answering me.Plz help me.
vikram_lashkariAuthor Commented:
plz ,anyone can help me out that how can i do this. plz tell me the way how can i do the above meintion link
Fahad MukhtarDistinguished EngineerCommented:
vikram, i am not an Expert of ASP.Net,  better create a 20 points Question with the link of this question in the *ASP.Net Area* ... hope you will get your problem solved
vikram_lashkariAuthor Commented:
hi friends,
     I am asking this above question from more than one week and no one is answering my question,I donot know that why anyone is not answering my question,it contains nearly 750 points as i had asked in the same  quesion in  the  section also, but no one is ready to answer my question. Why it is so,my question is not so tough i had just asked for the technique and if possible the code for keeping track of the travelled path.The practical example of whose is in this same site also,

 plz help me i am increasing points to 1000
These articles have sort of logics to keep track trails of a visitor to the last position. And better yet, you can as well use the control in your application.

A Simple and Dynamic BreadCrumb Web User Control for ASP.NET

Breadcrumbs in ASP.NET

Localized Breadcrumbs in ASP.NET with UrlRewriting support

PS: I posted the same answer to both of your question, hope I can get those points :o)

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