TextBox Functions-Lyric Editor

Im trying to make a lyric editor. I need a

1) a way to get the text where i click in the textbox and to be able add "[00:36]" to the where i click.

Say text box is full like this;

Beatles - Yesterday

[00:05]Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away
[00:13]Now it looks as though they're here to stay
Oh, I believe in yesterday.  <==if i click here i want to be able to change the text from this to

=>>>[00:17] Oh, I believe in yesterday

How do i go about doing this.
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mladenoviczConnect With a Mentor Commented:
YOu have an example here http://www.developersdomain.com/vb/codedownloads/textboxfeatures.zip

1) MsgBox LineAt(Text1, CurrentLinePos(Text1))
2) Dim ss As String
    ss = LineAt(Text1, CurrentLinePos(Text1))
    Text1.Text = Replace(Text1.Text, ss, "[0:32]" & ss)
If you use text box, set Mulyiline property on true, or you can use Richtext Box control
Multiline property
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gerrymcdAuthor Commented:
I know that but;

1)how to i get text at a line number in the textbox
2) and how do i change this text at a given line number
gerrymcdAuthor Commented:
So how do i change the text at a given line?  is there an SET Text APi call?
gerrymcdAuthor Commented:
thanks thats just what i needed!
You're welcomed ;)
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