WRT54G Using Sveasoft Satori v4.0 Firmware!

Since I installed 'Sveasoft Satori v4.0 WRT54G' I cant connect to the internet.
After one day I decided to Intall again the latest version of the firmware
from the linksys website. In the middle of the upgrade it said 'firmware failed'
I then clicked ok and now I cant even go to the admin control panel.
I tried to renew IP nothing came up, Then I reseted the Router and nothing
comes up, when I check the lan IP its suppost to be but it says
something like nothing like
Is there anything I can do to Install the latest linsys Firmware Again ?
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slapshot45Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to specify an IP address for your computer since the linksys isn't assigning your computer one anymore.
Set it to something like

Now try to get into the admin panel as outlined by this guide
ftp://ftp.linksys.com/pdf/wrt54gv1.1_ug.pdf   Chapter 6, p22

The IP address the linksys guide lists is the default IP address, however it may be different if you changed it.
If you can't get the password prompt, try updating the firmware again with your IP address on the same subnet.

I suspect you have a dead router since a failure in the middle of a firmware update leaves the router with no operable software.
XtryAuthor Commented:
"a failure in the middle of a firmware update leaves the router with no operable software"

Not quite true:  The TFTP daemon resides in a protected area of the flash which isn't overwritten during a firmware update.  It is possible to re-flash a "bricked" WRT54G with TFTP during the second or two that the lights are flashing on a power up.  It takes a few little tricks to get this to work, but it does work.  Go surf the forums at www.sveasoft.com for the details.

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