AS400 Interaction/Screen Scraping with VB6

We have an application that uses Access97 to Pull/Modify in an FDR (AS400) system.  Currently the system perfoms a "Wait" for 5 seconds after each input to make sure that the screen refreshes and processing is completed.

We are converting the application into VB6 and I was wondering if anyone out there has an idea that will alow us to eliminate the waits.  We would like to see the VB App check to make sure that the AS400 is done processing and then move to the next step.

We are using Extra Personal Client to interface.

Mucho points to anyone that can help!  Thanks!
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MrPanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
By looking as this code I assume that

TranComplete =, 11, 24, 44)

checks for a successful completion I would try something like this

dim I as long

Do while TranComplete <> "TRANSACTION COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY" and I <100000
       tranComplete =, 11, 24, 44)

The I is included to ensure that the loops does not go on for ever.

I have not used this method which I assume is screen scrapping. May be better if this was posted to the as400 section as the obects appear to be as400. But the above should mean that when the transaction is complete the program continues.

Enjoy 8)

tulsajamesAuthor Commented:
Come on people.  We need some help here.  :(
Where are the waits. I normally connect directly to the as400 data.

If you show some sample code maybe I can help but normall it is just a case of connecting and reading.
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My code

You have posted this in the wrong section if you move this to VB instead of vbcontrols you might of got a quicker reply

'Create connection
   dim adoINVOLIB as ADODB.Connection

    Set adoINVOLIB = New ADODB.Connection

'Connect to lib involib as400
    With adoINVOLIB
        .ConnectionString = "Provider=IBMDA400.DataSource.1;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=USER;Data Source=AS400name"
        .ConnectionTimeout = 120
    End With

dim rsReport as adodb.recordset

    Set rsReport = New ADODB.Recordset
     rsReport.Open "SELECT * FROM LIB.FILE",  adoINVOLIB, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic

tulsajamesAuthor Commented:
This is a sample of code we use currently...

Please keep in mind this is NOT my code ;)  We are trying to make the system more efficient.

Public Sub PCC(AcctNum As String, PccCode As String)

'no changes necessary for 2-6-04 FDR install

'**************  Update PCC code **********************************

   Set Sess0 = GetObject("C:\Program Files\E!Pc\Sessions/Fdr.edp")

   Sess0.Screen.SendKeys ("<Home>")
   Sess0.Screen.SendKeys ("NM CL2 " & AcctNum)
   Sess0.Screen.SendKeys ("<Enter>")
   Sess0.Screen.waithostquiet (500)
   Dim FDRScreen
   FDRScreen =, 29, 6, 31)
  If PccCode = FDRScreen Then
            Exit Sub
               Sess0.Screen.moveto 6, 29
               Sess0.Screen.SendKeys (PccCode)
               Sess0.Screen.SendKeys ("<Enter>")
               Sess0.Screen.waithostquiet (500)
                TranComplete =, 11, 24, 44)
                Exit Sub
            End If
End If

End Sub
tulsajamesAuthor Commented:
As far as a direct connection is concerned, our IT department will not give us access to the FDR.  They are a bit parinoid about the whole thing...
Sorry a bit more explanation

The I is included to ensure that the loops does not go on for ever if the screen is not upated with the TRANSACTION COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY message. Change the value in the loop until you find a value that suites. Or if there is a failure message include that in the loop and process accordingly.

I am off home now so want be able to add any more today. I will check tomorrow to see how you got on.
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