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My computer has been working on a domain for over a year without any logon problems. I was working today, and had to reboot. I rebooted, and when I tried to log back onto the domain i got this error. "The local policy of this system does not permit you to log on interactively."

What does that mean? All i did was simply reboot. I can log in as the administrator account on the same system, I just can't login with my user name. I looked around for some help on this already, and I found a Microsoft site here http://support.microsoft.com/?id=285793. I did what they sugested, but I still cannot login. Any other ideas? Thanks!!
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poeda8Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try looking in the Local Security Settings to see what your effective policy is...



In the Local Security Settings window...
Open the Local Policies folder.
Select the User Rights Asssignement folder.
Then look at the Log on locally policy.

The Log on locally policy will show two items.  The first is the Local Setting, the second is the Effective Setting.  Make sure that the Effective Setting has your user or a group that your user is affiliated with listed.  If not, that means that someone has mucked with your policies and will need to be corrected.

This can be corrected by following the Windows article you mentioned above.  And since that did not work, I would suggest verifying your findings to make sure.  Also, after you make that change, try rebooting your computer and going off for a coffee break.  Sometimes it takes a while for the permissions to replicate.  And of course, check your Local Security Policy settings again to see if it updated correctly.

Good luck!

Have you checked the other (non-local) applied GPO's for your user/computer?
If you are on a domain... could be set at domain, ou, site, and/or local levels
Did you check if you have access rights/privledges to be renewed?
caminatorAuthor Commented:
I need you both to explain a little more about how I do those, and where I find them.  Or any links that walk me through it if possible.  Thanks
caminatorAuthor Commented:
I just deleted my account from the local computer, and added it again.  It seemed to fix the problem.  Thanks for the suggestions guys!!!  :-)
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