At least one service or driver failed during system startup!

My Windows 2000 server (DNS and DC) has decided not to start Net Logon at startup for some reason! I got the above message when the computer restarts. Everything is OK after the server is restarted and I go to services.msc and start Net Logon myself. But before this, I have to wait for the server to log on the Administrator account, in about 5 minutes!
Event Viewer says:

The Workstation service has not been started.         Source: NETLOGON EventID: 2138

and after that:

The Net Logon service terminated with service-specific error 2138.         Source: Service Control Manager EventID: 7024

In services.msc I see that Net Logon is dependent to workstation, and is set to start automatically but it is not started by itself (actually it is stopped for the above reason.) I see that workstation service is set correctly to be started automatically, and is started when I log in, but is not started in time, regarding the above error messages.
My Net Logon service is not set dependent to DNS... Well I tried to follow microsoft's instruction for setting it dependent to DNS service, but I failed. I finally learned that I should add the D.N.S. phrase after three dots from the last service name in the registry key, but I don't dare to restart the server after this change!!
Any help?
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Did you recently install anything on the server?

Refer to this link:

How did you set this change? It should be fairly easy to do using start - run - regedt32, rather than regedit. Regedt32 gives you the multi-string editor (unlike regedit), so you can just list the services in order ie just type DNS under the first two listed. Have you already tried to set this using regedit then? If you have - and it would look like you have - and you have changed the data in that key (and have no registry backup) - then your best bet is to delete the contents of the dependonservice key completely in regedit - do not delete the key!

Then open regedt32 - navigate to the same key - ie HKLM-System etc Netlogon which should now be empty and type the below in exactly, one under the other. If you made a backup of the registry before making this change then just double click the .reg file - check it's gone back in ok and then use regedt32 as described,

Deb :))

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Oh just to be clear - Do not put ie in!

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hujiAuthor Commented:
I found that thread hours before you told me, put a message there, and I have a response from the author, but it is not satisfying... Thanks for your notice of course, but that is not helping... Any other help is appreciated...
I finally added DNS to the dependent services for NetLogon and restarted the server!

@dgroscost: Yes I have recently installed four latest Windows Updates on this server... But I wonder if this is the cause. My server has a very standard configuration, so it can not be an exception...
Well I wonder if it relates to this error but I infrom you about that: I have a Forward Lookup Zone created in my DNS from the time I installed DC, named || (two pipes), which I have heard is not normal. But in one of my tries I deleted this, and everything was damaged! Thanks god I create regular Drive Images from the server.. but I still don't know what this FLZone is...

hujiAuthor Commented:
Wooooooooooooooooow! It is working!! Thank you Debsyl99........
I am going to check Event Viewer, and search for other possible errors...
hujiAuthor Commented:
Nice job Debsl99......
Thanks - glad to help,

Deb :))
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