Server Management Console Automatically Launches Upon Login to Win 2003 SBS

In a Windows 2003 Small Business Server, the Server Management Console automatically launches when I login directly or via a terminal services session.

How can I disable this feature?

(I am logging in with Administrative rights)

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JohnItemConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Login to SBS again...
Go to Start/All Programs/Start Up/

Remove "Server Management" from Startup...

It is simply setup to run in Startup.

I guess we are talking 'Manage Your Server'

In lower left corner tick the box "Don't display this page at logon".
You can access it later via Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Manage Your Server
scptechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response.
Unfortunately no such option appears on the console screen anywhere or any menu option.
scptechAuthor Commented:
Sometimes one misses the obvious........Thanks, that's what it was.
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