Local Domain Name the same as Web domain name.

Hey all,

Our local w2k server is our Active Directory, DNS, DHCP server with the domain name as company.net.  Our web site is also company.net and hosted by another company.  The problem as you can well see is no one connected to our network can access the public web site.  Is there a way around this?
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes; simply enter a host www with your external IP address to your forward lookup zone.
This does not always work btw.. sometimes, there is multiple domain name hosted on 1 ip address. some provider do that... they have multiple website hosted on the same ip, all of them with different domain name. In this case, you will have to assign a second domain name (a different one) to be able to reach your web site.. then you will reach it by typing the www.newdomain.com. Typing the https://IP wont work eighter in this case.

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