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Posted on 2004-08-25
Last Modified: 2010-04-03
My HDD on my PC clicks whenever I attempt to boot from it. I can't even get it to boot in safe mode. As soon as I turn on the computer the HDD immediately starts to make a clicking noise. Is there any way to get files from the HDD or it a lost cause?
Question by:BMANDEP
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Hello BMANDEP =)

HD is dying,,,,, take it out and put it in another system as a Slave drive, to check if u can access it Normally or not, if u can then copy ur data to the other hard drive, and if u CANNOT then,,,, Run some Diagnostic tools to verify if ur hard drive can be accissible or not !!!!

Fujitsu >>
IBM and Hitachi >>
Maxtor/Quantum >>
Samsung >>
Seagate >>
Western Digital >> >>

and if it fails also, then u have to try some Data Recovery Tools to get ur data from teh dying hard drive !!!

PC Inspector:



Recover and Restore Deleted Files:

Other Data Recovery Tools:

OR Take a look at this comprehensive list of file/data recovery programs and services, sorted by CrazyOne :)


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I tried the first option with no luck where I set it to the slave. I can't even get it to boot up. How do I run the diagnostics? I have a utlility called Easy Recovery Professional, but not sure how I can use it since I can't even get the drive to boot or I can't event get it to be recognized when I use another drive as the master and use the failed HDD as the slave.

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Put your HDD into a zipped fridge badge; and put it into deep-freezer for 1 hour. Probably you'll be able to see the drive and rescue your datas.
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Hello Mandeep,

I do not know whether I am too late to answer this . But you need to first wrap up your hdd in an antistatic foil and then put it into cold storage/deep freezer . I would recommend keeping it for 8 hours .After doing the same immediately be ready to connect this hdd as slave and then try copying the data . Remember wrapping the hdd inside the foil is important. However there is only a 10-15% chance if u try this.But its always worth a try.

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Can u hear the drive spinning?  If so, lexicon's freezer trick is an option - I'll just add if the drive happens to work you need to copy the data quickly as it will stop working once it warms up.  If it isn't spinning, you may briefly rejuvenate it by physically rotating the drive or dropping it to overcome stiction (obviously a last resort in lieu of a data recovery service).

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Is the clicking coming from the computer, or a small box that's hidden behind behind your desk?  A wisp of smoke emanating from it may be a clue...  ;););)

Just kidding, just kidding.

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Clicking noise or any abnormal noise in the computer usually signifies a part is bad or going bad. I suggest that you call the manufacturer of the computer or save all your important files and replace the HDD.

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I encounter this before and nothing can be done. They are many reason why your hard disk have the clicking or noisy sound. Most of the time hard disk has a click sound was cause by unexcepted shutdown such as power failure or swith off the power with shutdown the your PC. This will cause the hard disk head reader stop at the optical disk and the next time you boot up your PC it will scracth the optical surface. If you don't believe it open the harddisk you will see a scracth mark on the optical disk. You won't able to recover your data when you hear a noisy or cliking sound from you hard disk. Good luck

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Well, there's no hope...I tried putting it in the freezerwith no luck either. I finally called WD even though the drive was not under warranty and they said the drive is defective and I would have to pay a data recovery company in order to retrieve the data. Thanks for all the responses! What needs to be done now so I can get the points I put up back?

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well, since most of us answered ur question, u could maybe just divide the points equally.. but of course, the final decision is yours.. by the way, i could give you a number for data back up and recovery but am not sure about their rates...

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Drive Savers (cheapest 100$+)**
On Track (no cheap)**
**available in us only.

use ur hdd as slave or secondary and boot from another hdd. so that you can try ur programs to see if u can get any data off ur hdd. the freezer thing might do the trick.

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i would suggest that the admin remove the account.. unprofessionality isn't accepted here.. we are all experts and should be professional in everything we do..

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