Sonicwall Answering ARP requests on LAN

I have a Sonicwall 4060 running 2.5 OS Enhanced.
All the settings appear to be working except for one huge problem.
The Sonicewall LAN port is answering ARP requests on the LAN side.
I have a server sending out and ARP for and the Sonicwall is responing "that's me" even though the Sonicwall is
Any ideas?
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not sure if that's relevant to your prob or not.  Is that what you're experiencing?
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Jagerhill97Author Commented:
The issue is similar except the ARP requests and response are on the LAN side. The other strange thing is both the Sonicwall and Server that is being ARPd and the machine that is sending the request are on the same subnet which by all reasoning should never happen.
I'm not extremely familiar with SonicWall, but a couple thoughts:

-Do you have any Network Address Translation configured (NAT)?  If you have a NAT for that would cause the SonicWall to answer the ARP.  

-SonicWall has a bridging mode.  That means that it is able to "secure" traffic between the same subnet.  So if tries to talk to the firewall ( will get in the middle.  Look for any bridging options and shut it off.

-Make sure your netmask on the internal interface is correct.  I assume it should be

Jagerhill97Author Commented:
I though of ther bridging mode and disabled it but never completed implementing it because of the issues that arose.
There is no NAT for the server in question.
Jagerhill97Author Commented:
There is a bug in the 2.5 Enchanced Firmware. I received the following information from Soniceall FINALLY
"If the public server wizard is used for to create the "Public Servers NAT" then this behavior is seen." It has been repaired and I am waiting on new firmware from them.
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