Actionscript fade & blur image transition effect

Any advice on how to set up a fade & blur image transition like this :

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mixartConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can do it with flash but it's very CPU intensive and messy, which is why people use a blurred version of an image and change the alpha.

The non-image way is to duplicate a MC, change the alpha and x/y position by 1 pixel, and do this about 10 times - slightly shifted each time.  The alpha/image way of doing it is much smoother looking and less coding.

I've created navigation using the blurred image method before and it's really not that bad once you have all the images cut up.
i can help you with the fade and blur if your like?

what have you done so far??
what verison of flash are you using? mx/mx2004/mx2004 pro??
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in terms of fading, its a simple change of the image alpha setting - there's 2 ways to accomplish this, either with a tween, or using actionscript, then here's a tutorial for some bluring effects.
ellandrdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
but with that tutorial - zoom -blu-michael, you need software like photoshop to blur the image first, so your image is normal and then tweening it, into the same blured image.

GitchoAuthor Commented:
I've seen that tutorial, but was hoping for an actionscript function that would do this without having to blur the image in photoshop first.

I'm using MX 2004 pro.
blue-genieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
but was hoping for an actionscript function that would do this without having to blur the image in photoshop first.
 - i stand to be corrected, but flash can't do that (yet)
GitchoAuthor Commented:
Hmmm ... ok ... any good links to actionscript effect functions that I can apply to nav rollovers, or images then ?
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