Timed out sending notification of device interface change to window of ""

I get the above error message in Event Viewer, four times right after each other, on startup. It does happen only in startup.
I have a good understanding of what event 256 from PlugPlayManager means, but the confusing part is, usually there is the program, service name, or GUID in the doublequotes but I get "" in the warning message.
The data part of warning is empty.
There is a little probability that this issue relates to my onboard sound card, on this server, but I suppose this probability to be less than 10%.
Does any body here have any other ideas about this?
PS:Of course I will be trying to download and install the audio driver again. Actually I have control on this server from home, and can not be present at the desktop at least for a fortnight. But I can install/uninstall/configure things easily.
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garyyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This warning in the system log normally occurs when you apply the security update (MS04-011) then reboot.

For some reason, the security patch causes multiple timeouts to the Plug and Play manager

Try this to resolve the problem:

- Rigtht Click on My computer and click Properties
- Click on the Hardware Tab
- Now click on Device Manager
- Now expand the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
- Right click on the Secondary IDE Channel and click properties
- Click on the Advanced Settings Tab
- If the Device 0 shows that the current transfer mode is Not Available, then change the device type to None and the Transfer mode to PIO Only
- Then reboot your system.

You may have to also change the primary channel to none from auto aswell.

Hope this helps

Failing that, remove the hotfix (MS04-011 (KB835732) April 2004


hujiAuthor Commented:
Windows Update site reports that there is a hotfix for bulletin MS04-011 available, and one can obtain it by contacting microsoft. I followed the link, but failed to create and incident for Windows 2000, to ask for the hotfix. Can you possibly clarify what "contacing microsoft" means in the above?
hujiAuthor Commented:
And yes, your solution worked for me (setting to PIO I mean.)
I wonder if microsoft could also publish this as a possible solution in its web site!!
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Hi Huji

"Contacting Microsoft" means, you have to have a support contract with them to obtain the hotfix. I think it's because they haven't properly released the hotfix yet.
Until they do, it may be worth applying those temporary fix's. I found the fix to this problem in a forum, so this user may well have contacted Microsoft and Microsoft support may have instructed them to do this to resolve the problem. Or else, they figured out how to resolve it themselves.

I would remove the hotfix for the time being or try the latest windows update and download all the updates.


Glad the solution helped you.

Sometimes Microsoft don't always have the answers and that's why we come here!!

I guess the hotfix would have to relate to the hardware in the error message. In your case the error wasn't related to any specific device.

hujiAuthor Commented:
Hi Gary,
I downloaded that update from microsoft update, then I faced the error. Through my seraches I learned about the new hotfix (fixed update!) I tried to contact microsoft from webresponse, using Passport, lob lob lob! It asked me for product ID, then said that as my Product ID is not for a server buying a specific type of licence (I don't know what it is but I know I don't need it!) they do not assist me!
Any ways, thank you for the temporary fix, which in my case, is the best solution!

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