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Seeting up VOIP

Ok after reading an extensive list of recommendations and researching a lot of websites, question remains " How can I setup a voip for my business" I don't want to go with vonage or any company like that. This is what I want to t do guys. I want to setup voip in my office and then I want to be able to call the land phone number. I am really intrested in klnowing what kind of equipment (Budget is limited) would I need. What kind of software and what are the best place to look for. Why would I need that equipment that you recommend? What would be the layout / topology of the network. In other words where does the equipment go.
Guys This would be my pet project so I need you guys help. Talk to you guys later
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Just wondering what you don't like about Vonage so that can be used when looking at other solutions. Vonage will let you transfer your current land-line number (assuming you are not under contract) to your Vonage phone. What else are you looking at for a required feature set?
NetoMeter ScreencastsCommented:
I guess that you are talking about a small office.
What I have tried lately was a small Cisco 1750 Router loaded with IOS which supports the Call Manager Express.
You really do not need more than 5 minutes to configure it. If you want you can use the WEB interface.
I bought the router from EBay for about 500 USD and it came with an FXO port.
You can use it with Cisco SoftPhone which is a software loaded on your PC (that is what I am using at the moment) or purchase Cisco IP Phone (the cheapest I think are about 120-150 USD).
If you do not have the IOS with CCM express you' have to buy it.

Hi syedasimmeesaq,

Sounds like a good pet-project.  I'm planning on doing something similar in a test environment - just to have a good play :-)

Take a look at Asterisk (  This is a fully-featured PBX system that includes voicemail, call transfer etc.

Asterisk will run on a Linux box, so get yourself an old PC to play around with it on.

You have a few choices as to how the users will communicate with the PBX.
1 - A softphone on your users' PCs (such as X-Lite -
2 - An FXS card that allows you to plug analogue phones into the PBX (such as TDM400P -
3 - A hardphone that connects to your LAN (such as a BudgeTone 101 -
4 - An analogue/VoIP adapter (such as a Sipura SPA1000 -

Install suitable card(s) into the PBX. A WildCard X100P will connect to a single analogue line -

I've assumed that you're talking about a single site with existing analogue line(s).  The examples of kit I've given are designed to point you in the right direction, but aren't necessarily the most suitable for you.

I hope that this helps get you started - let me know what you think.

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syedasimmeesag, have you looked for Audiocodes VoIP equipment? ?
I would suggest to post all the information of what you want to do...  i´ve already worked with audiocodes through VPN and WiFi .11b and it´s an excellent solution... with H323 protocol, easier deployment...
sorry, an excellent price, of course comparing to CISCO or Multitech... half of price...  
syedasimmeesaqAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your replys guys. Let me give you guys a little more back ground of my company. We are in a business in which we have to make a lot of long distance calls. I heard about VOIP reducing your monthly bills. Thats why I thought I will make VOIP my pet project as I am always interested in computer technology. I just finished a call center for our business and now I made this thing my project. Now if I use your suggestions will I be able to cut down the long distance bills. How does it actually works. What about the countries that we call doesn't have high speed internet ..what happens then...Mr scampgb  can I still use your guidelines for this project. Please let me know
syedasimmeesaqAuthor Commented:
And also could I have an XP or windows based solution
The solutions that the others suggested to you based on your initial post will work for an intra-office telephone system (VoIP). These phone systems are sometimes used by multi-office locations to cut down on long distance charges by routing phone calls placed in one office to another office over the internet versus the POTS (plain old telephone system). More advanced systems leverage phone lines in remote offices to place calls to anyone in the remote office's local calling area from another office. Say you have an office in Miami and an office in NYC. You link the two offices via an VoIP telephone system. If you, in the Miami office, want to call on a customer in NYC, your VoIP system routes your call to the NYC office via the Internet, and uses an available POTS phone line in the NYC office t o make the call. This is how it saves you money.

In your second post you are talking about Internet Telephony. You want to take advantage of the Internet to place calls without incurring a long distance phone charge. To do this you need to have a service, such as Vontage, or NET2Phone, that can route your calls from an IP-based system (a PC, an IP telephone, etc.) to the POTS in the area you are trying to call, even though you have no presence in that location (no remote office, for example). Take a look at this web site:

It has more information about IP Telephony and the various solutions that are available.

Hope this helps...
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