Printing RichTextControl contents in MS Access

I've just added a RichTextBox control to a Microsoft Access form to allow users to format input.   It's bound to a Memo field in a table.  It saves and retrieves just fine.   Now I'd like to include that field in a report, but it comes out with all the formatting syntax.   Is there any way to print from the table so that it looks like it does on the screen?    Thank you!
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Can you make it a plain text box, instead of a richtext box, and the formatting syntax will be gone?

Just in case the previous answer (which seems good to me) doesn't work, please let us know what you mean by "comes out with all the formatting syntax" : do you mean, for instance, that font changes are declared as font changes instead of actually changing the font visibly ?


rjdipietroAuthor Commented:
Thanks.   After reading the support article on Microsoft's website, I decided that the cost of using the RichTextBox control was way higher than the benefit.  So I'm going to change it back to a regular text box.  Thanks everyone!
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