Load Balancing and SSL

Hey all, I have a verisgn ssl for my domain, right now I have a single frontend machine, but the time has come to add a second one.  I'l be using NLB to do so, but my question is...Do I need to have two ssl's for my domain, or will 1 just work?

This is taking place tomorrow night, so I'm going to give a bunch of points for this.
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Dave_DietzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can export the certificate from server 1 and import it on server 2.  As long as they both answer to the same FQDN used as the common name of the certificate you should be alright.
(If the first server works properly and WLBS (NLB) is set up correctly this should be true)

On a side note - this may violate your licensing agreement for your certificate with Verisign.  This used to be a common practice but Verisign realized they were getting paid once for each certificate, not once for every server the certificate was used on so they started adding a cluase to their agreement that said you had to buy a seperate certificate for each server.  No technical reason for this - it is entirely to make more money.  In any case, make sure you check you agreement with them to make sure where you stand.

Dave Dietz
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