I uninstalled Norton 2003 Pro and found that shortly thereafter when I was searching for a document that my search window is blank [see scrrenshot] I then went to syatem restore to change anything I previously removed and found that when I click the system restore option it too comes up either as a blank window or not at at all. I ran all the necessary spyware, virus and trojan programs ...and then some...but they all said I was clean....Note: I have screenshots of what my "search" and 'system restore" windows look like when I open them. Here is the link to the screenshots...
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Hello alguerrero =)

well i think they both needed to be reinstalled... but before that we can try a SFC scan.... check if it can correct anything !!!!

Goto START>RUN and type  sfc /scannow
u will need ur WinXP CD in order to fix the corrupted windows system files, if found by scan.
Try last known good configuration by pressing F8 (boot menu) if there is any issue with your machine

Or try this

HOW TO: Start the System Restore Tool from a Command Prompt in Windows XP

or if doesnot work reinstall system restore

Start ---> Run  --->c:\windows\inf in the INF folder, look for SR.INF Rightclick on SR.INF and left click on Installinsert the XP disk if prompted and it will reinstall system restore

Check these

System Restore Tool Displays a Blank Calendar in Windows XP;en-us;313853

How to troubleshoot the System Restore tool in Windows XP

All the best

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alguerreroAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for their feedback...I am most honored to be assisted by two of this years top geniuses!!!

Before I continue let me mention that my Windows Media Player 9.0 isn't working either [internal application error]....

I DID follow your "recipes" for locating and determining if the system restore file is corrupt...prior my question I did use the F8 option and tried to reset the system to its last know good system point but when I chose that option the system restore window just came up blank....

I ran the sfc /scannow option it did not find ANYTHING...
I then figured I would reinstall but I do not have the SR.INF file as described by Sunray2003...what are my options besides throwing my puter out the window!!ugh!!

alguerreroAuthor Commented:
Let me reiterate that the sfc /scannow option did not find anything...when I ran the option a window came up and it showed that it was looking for things because of the meter but as soon as the meter was at 100% the window disappeared....was it supposed to do that?? I feel like Captain Kirk...I am traveling into a problem that I have no clue to its remedy.

it surprises me why there is no SR.inf file.
Try a search on your machine .

Also did you check the last 2 links i had given in my earlier comment

alguerreroAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the extra posts...I looked in the INF folder and I do have a SRI folder but it doesn't have .INF after it..I posted a screenshot FYI:


In that same page scroll down to see a file just by name SR (it will have textpad like icon with yellow circle)

alguerreroAuthor Commented:
As posted in my initial post I cannot run a too comes up is the screenshot:

I looked into the links u provided but they did not solve the problem..although I did learn a few tricks from reading a following their recipes!!
Below are the articles I read:

287505 How the System Restore utility uses drive letters
283073 How to disable the System Restore Configuration user interface
295050 Information on System Restore and password restoration
283252 Non-administrator user is unable to start System Restore utility
322246 You cannot create a restore point with a HighPoint Driver installed
299904 The System Restore utility may be suspended on a System Drive even though there is enough disk space
300044 How the System Restore tool handles hard-disk space usage
301224 System Restore "Restore Points" are missing or deleted
304449 How to start the System Restore tool from a command prompt in Windows XP
313853 System Restore tool displays a blank calendar in Windows XP

WOW...but I did learn a few tricks!! I didn't see anything that is strictly realted to a "blank system restore window"....

alguerreroAuthor Commented:
Just read your post regarding the SRI file...I have located the SRI file..should I continue as if it were the SRI.INI file??
did you not look for SR.inf file and reinstall it
alguerreroAuthor Commented:
I clicked "INSTALL" and it is now asking for the location of the sr.sys file on service pack 1 cd is this an oxymoron?? Or am I the moron?? Don't answer the latter =).....It looks as though it is asking to insert the cd in a peculiar fashion...or is it??
alguerreroAuthor Commented:
It it asking me to type the path where the file SR.SYS is located....I have an option to browse for the location but I do not know where it is...and cannot run a search to find it...
do you have the full windows XP CD with you .. you should find all the files in it
alguerreroAuthor Commented:
I have a cd with Windows on it but it a REINSTALL CD to reinstall the operating's not for reinstalling programs or drivers...I know I am asking dumb questions but I just want to be absolutely sure of my move before I make it.....
alguerreroAuthor Commented:
I went ahead and installed the reinstallation cd and found what I believe to be THE one I need...ACCESSORIES AND UTILITIES....I will wait for your directions
alguerreroAuthor Commented:
I opened up the accessories and utilities but didn't see system tools..however, I opened up some files and found this:
algu... why i have a feeling tha tu are not looking in the right place for the sr.inf file =|
u have to goto Start>Run>and type


a folder window will open.... and u have to look for a file called as  "sr"
and for reinstalling Search, a file will be there called  "srchasst"

and if u are not having these files in this folder, then i must say that Nrton messed up ur system to a little HIGH extent.... and a Repair will be the Best option to reset all things back to Normal :)

How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade (Reinstallation) of Windows XP:

Or this site explains a Repair with pics: (Click on How To Run a Repair Install)

post back if u ahev any doubts or questions =)
alguerreroAuthor Commented:
I didn't have a problem finding the SRI file my problem was knowing what to do when it asked this question...

It looks as though it is asking for the cd..I inserted the cd and tried to find the sr.sys file but didn't really know where to look although I did search for it and unfortunatley came up empty....
>> I didn't have a problem finding the SRI

but its not SRI my dear..... it shud be only "SR"
and when u will see its extension, it will be "SR.inf"

when we reinstall SR.inf... IF it asks for the CD, then upon inserting the CD it automatically picks up the required files and reinstalls System Restore !!!!!
alguerreroAuthor Commented:
I found the SR file..I just called it by the wrong name..sorry!! Anyway, I keep clicking the file to install [as shown in screenshot] but still receive the message asking for the location of the sr.sys file which is found on spi service pack cd..what ever that means...anyway I do have the location and ability to click the install option its just after this that it becomes foggy as to my next move....please see screenshot...
hmmmmmmm if i've not became blind, in the Copy To location in the above screenshot,,, u have given the path as >> C:\Windows\inf\i386

shudn't it be ur CD drive where u have inserted the WinXP cd and the path to its i386 folder, e.g if ur cd drive is E:, then give the path as E:\i386!!!!
or do u have a i386 folder present on ur C: drive... try giving that path, means C:\i386

what are u doing dude ;-)

I probably guess either you are confused or too many instructions here will make you confuse . Both I and shehary are trying to take you to same pt and I am not sure if you can do a reinstallation and solve the issue

alguerreroAuthor Commented:
I think at this pioint it would be best to forget all of the above and just direct me to the location of the sr.sys file on the XP Home cd...I looked for this particular file but I do not see it...once I find it I can follow through with the reinstallation process with no problems...I was under the impression the file I need would be in the I386 folder where D is the drive where the cd is located...
Below is the screenshot of what I am looking at as far as locating the sr.sys file so I can follow through with the install....again this is my only hang up is trying to locate this file...
If you can search the i386 folder in your XP home CD, it SHOULD be there.
I guess if you cannot, you donot have the correct CD ..

alguerreroAuthor Commented:
The cd I have says: reinstallation cd for microsoft windows xp home edition. It also states that the cd is not for reinstallation of
programs or drivers...wouldn't this be the correct cd??
Did you buy this CD or it came along with your Computer ?

Use windows search assistant to search for that file in the CD ..

Generally in the system that file should be present in

Also try disabling system restore and enable it to see if that would make it work

alguerreroAuthor Commented:
I found the file I was looking for but it wasn't lsited as sr.sys it was listed as this is the formula I used to reinstall the system restore.
Start>run>typed in c:\windows|inf...looked for the sr file...clicked install..A window opened asking for the sr.sys on the cd..I then opened the D drive and found the I 386 folder..opened it up and looked for the sr file..clicked the file and went back to the other window and told it to use this file and entered then reinstalled [overwrite] all necessary items..restart the pc after installation and bada bing...the system restore window opens but it is still blank...I turned off the system restore and then turned it back on [after re booting] and came to the same problem...blank system restore window...keep in mind that I have two other problems which I believe they are all related...the "Search" option in windows comes up blank and whenever I open the windows media player it throws up this: "internal application error"..I believe the best bet is to to a repari installation...any thoughts?
alguerreroAuthor Commented:
Well Gentlemen, I took the initiative and did a full repair install using the following "recipe"...
boot the pc pressing F2 to access the boot sector.
Once in the boot sector I selected Boot sequence.
I only selected the pc to boot using the cd rom.
Clicked escape and re booted the pc.
Once the pc was re booted the Windows XP Home set up screen was showing on the monitor.
I hit the enter key to set up windows XP.
The next screen I hit F8 to accept the license agreement.
The next screen I had two options: A fresh install or to repair the selected windows XP installation... I of course chose the latter....and hit the "R" key to run a repair.
After Windows copying the necessary files it then started the install took about 37 minutes and I had to personally okay a few installation processes for it to continue...anyway, after it was finished doing what it had to do it then asked me to hit any key. I of course read that one is NOT supposed to hit any I didn't. After the cd did "its thing" the pc was re booted and Windows XP Home Edition was again shwowing up on my monitor!!=) ....I then found that my monitor settings were off...I found that I could not change the settings until AFTER I rebooted the pc AGAIN!!! Therafter I was able to change my monitor settings according to my taste....I then ran over to system restore, since this is what all this work was all about, and found that there were missing parts [.dll .exe etc. etc. etc.] So I use the following recipe to reinstall system restore...but let me first mention that the BIG problem is that when ever one is referenced to the SR.INF OR SR.SYS the REAL file name is just SR..THIS IS WHAT CONFUSED THE *&$# OUT OF ME in previous posts!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I used the following "recipe" to reinstall the system restore:
looked for the SR file.
Once the file was found I Rightclicked on the SR file and then left click on Installinsert the XP disk.
***At this time a window will open and it will ask for the SR.SYS file on the XP CD.
I then chose the option "browse" and opened the D drive where the XP cd was located.
I then proceeded to look NOT FOR THE SR.SYS file but the SR file as it is displayed in the I368 folder!!!!! This was just another reason for my being confused early on in the game because of this file being referenced differently...anyway...
Once I found the file I then clicked okay and the install process then started taking place...a few minutes later I was able to open up the system my amazement!!! Not only was I able to correct the system restore problem but my other problems were abated as well, those being the search option being blank as well as receiving and error upon opening the Windows Media Player.....Gentelemen, I want to thank you not only for your PATIENCE but for your KNOWLEDGE!! I have learned sooooooooo much from your instructions as well as from reading many of the Microsoft articles that not only were referred by you two but by me just thumbing around looking for other solutions to my dilemma!! WOW is all I can say...but a day not having learned something is a day wasted!!!! AGAIN I THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!=)

alguerreroAuthor Commented:
One more note....I found it might be a good time to defrag and run a scandisk check as well....just to firm up the pc!!!=)
glad u got it solved alguerrero =)
Cheers ^_^
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