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I am working in a form that has three subforms that I want to only be shown if the appropriate value is selected in a combobox.  The cbo is a lookup field tied to a table.  Right now there are only three records "Correspondnece," Scheduling Request," and "Memorandum."  When a user selects an item from the dropdown, I'd like it to show the corresponding form.

I tried this, with no luck.

Private Sub DocTypeID_AfterUpdate()
If DocTypeID.Value = "Correspondence" Then
[Forms]![frmExecSecRecordEntry]![frmCorSub].Visible = True
End If

I was going to continue with the three options.  Any ideas?
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The above should work if frmCorSub is the name of the subform *control*, not the subform itself. To check the subform control name, click on the subform in design view and check in the Properties window for the Name property (in the Other page). You must, of course, set the visible option to False if the combo box does not contain the correct value. The easiest way is probably to hide all three first and then only set the one you want to show.
First, when you say 'no luck' do you mean that the correct subform didn't appear? If this is the case you need to see what the combo box value actually is after the update. You could throw up a messagebox to show you. You could have more than one column in your combo box and you are actually getting the value from a different column (the BoundColumn property). Either that or you don't have the same spelling in your code and lookup table.
Second, just as a performance tip, if you are only going to have one subform active and visible at a time I would use one subform control and just change its source. Loading subforms is relatively resource intensive.
Let me know if this doesn't help.

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mattturleyAuthor Commented:
frmCorSub is the name of teh subform.

I would just change the source, but the subforms are DRASTICALLY different... could go a different route and open a form that launches another form, but I don't want to do that.
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Change frmCorSub to the name of the subform control in that case, and it should work.
mattturleyAuthor Commented:
I checked to see what the value was after update.  It was the primary key value (an auto number field) of the table that lookup was based upon.  I wouldn't have thought about that without "ClydeDoggie" suggesting to check for it.

I changed my vba to ...

If DocTypeID.Value = "1" Then
[Forms]![frmExecSecRecordEntry]![frmCorSub].Visible = True

End If

Now the subform shows up when I select the value in the cbo.

Glad you were able to solve your problem.
Just as a final note, you say you don't want to change the subform controls source because the subforms are drastically different - you still would use three forms (as subforms), but would only have one subform Control (a host container). You then load the appropriate form into this control after update of your combobox.

mattturleyAuthor Commented:
hmmm... I think I'll have to sleep before thinking about that too much.  Long Day.
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