A7N8X-VM/400 motherboard problems

I've not been able to get this system running properly. At one point the XP OS did get loaded, but kept crashing with the following error "bad_pool_error". Can anybody help? I've been working on this for a week now.

Sense Monday (23Aug 04) I have tried several scenarios.

1)      I attached the hard drive to my system K8V SE Deluxe and disconnected the existing drive. I was able to format, load, and run programs without problems. I than brought over the cd-rom from the new build into my system and did the whole process over again without problems.

2)      After removing the hardware from my computer and installing them back in the new build I tried to install the OS again. The error that I get now is random files not being copied during the text install (Microsoft knowledge base article 257954) and have followed the steps in article 257954 with no changes to the problem. (I’ve used several different CD-Rom drives with the same problem)

Hardware for new build:
      Motherboard -      A7N8X-VM/400-UAY (rev 2.02)
      Memory –            Corsair Platinum Series (cmtwinx512-2700llpt)
                  Corsair Value select (vs512mb333)
                  Kingston Value Ram (kvr333/512r)
      Processor -      AMD xp2500/333
      Hard drive -      Seagate 40gb ata/100 (st340014a)
      Keyboard -            Microsoft Internet
      Mouse -            Microsoft Wheel/Optical
      Floppy -            Starlogic 3-1/2” 1.44mb
      CD-Rom -            Liteon 52x Max
      Power supply -       Powerup (lc-b350atx)
      Bios -            1003

      I’ve downloaded the newest PDF file of the user guide (e1543_a7n8x-vm_400.pdf). I have noticed that on page 2-17 it shows “boot sector virus protection” and this board does not have this option when I open the bios.
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OliWarnerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Right... you've got 3 brands of RAM in there, 2 of which are very cheap. Cheap = worse materals = more chance of breaking...
Try just using one stick and see how far you get.

Another possibility is you've got the same problem as my friend had. Everything apart from the motherboard was fine, and it just keeps on restarting for no reason all the tme before he could get into windows setup.
He sent it back, and the next one came, same model, did exactly the same thing. He got a refund after that and got a different manurfacturer.

And at 350W your power supply could be underrated for the task...
try downloading an updated BIOS
rjkltdAuthor Commented:
I have all of the updated drivers and have tried them also.
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Sorry to double post, but have you tried it with just the bare minimum, 1 stick of ram, the HD, mouse, video, CPU...?
If that looks good put one bit of hardware in at a time... until it crashes and you nkow your problem.
If you have several sticks of ram inserted you will run "dual channel" ram

to be able to do that properly you need "matched pairs" and obviously you don't have that

This mobo only have 2 Dimms how do you insert 3 sticks ? or do you have 4 sticks; - 2 twinx 's ?

So as stated bove in other posts try with just one stick of ram !
rjkltdAuthor Commented:
I've tried each memory stick alone and together and get the same result every time. Its driving me nuts.
It's a remote possibility, but you may have more than one bad stick of RAM.  Did you try a stick from another system that you know works?
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