Graphics/Bitmap Object: Save graphic as 1bpp

My application creates a dynamic graphic (some numbers superimposed on an existing bitmap) and saves the merged result to a bitmap file.  I developed this using a laser printer.  However, my customer will be using it on a thermal receipt printer.  It, unfortunately, will only acept a 1 bit bitmap.

My delima:
My base graphic, is saved as a grayscale file.  I do my text/graphic merge thingy and save it back as a file, but the receipt printer won't print it because it is not 1 bit black and white graphic.

So  I changed the base graphic to a 1 bit bitmap.  When I run my app, an exception get thrown, "A Graphics object cannot be created from an image that has an indexed pixel format..." in other words something les than 16bpp.

Here's the offending code:
               'Build dynamic graphic here
                Const X = 160, Y = 160

                'Graphics Class
                Dim objBitmap = Bitmap.FromFile(regKey.GetValue("backgroundBloominBuck"))
                Dim objGraphics As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(objBitmap)

                Dim moneyFont As New Font("Verdana", 36, FontStyle.Bold)
                Dim drawBrush As New SolidBrush(Color.Black)
                Dim drawFormat As New StringFormat

                drawFormat.FormatFlags = StringFormatFlags.NoWrap
                objGraphics.DrawString(strMoney, moneyFont, drawBrush, 66, 66, drawFormat)
                objBitmap.Save(regKey.GetValue("dynamicBloominBuck"), ImageFormat.Bmp)

If I could leave my orginal graphic as a grayscale, but somehow programmatically convert the resulting output file to a 1 bpp bitmap, then I would be happy.  I would also be just as happy, if I could use Graphics.FromImage using a 1 bpp file. I wish I had run into this problem sooner, because this has to go live Saturday morning.

Someone please have pity on me and enlighten me with thine grand wisdom from I am but a worm.
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Use pixelfomat property.
carlajasminelewisAuthor Commented:
>>Use pixelfomat property.

That is a read-only property.
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USe the following function:

Bitmap.Clone Method (RectangleF, PixelFormat)

and clone into a new object and then use that object.

carlajasminelewisAuthor Commented:
>USe the following function:
>Bitmap.Clone Method (RectangleF, PixelFormat)
>and clone into a new object and then use that object.

Had already tried that too.  As long as the PixelFormat is above 8bpp it will work, but for 8bpp, 4bpp, and 1bpp it throws an "Out of memory" exception.
carlajasminelewisAuthor Commented:
I know I posted this in a general forum, and I'm not that familiar with C#.  I am able determine what the guy is doing here, and I think it may be the shortest, quickest solution that has I have come across.  I'm sure I can make it work just fine.
I'm sure you know this, but for .NET you could cross-compile languages.  Then again if C# isn't you thing, then I guess it worth re-doing it in VB. At the end tho, VB should have most of its equvelents of C#.  (=

Good luck with that too.

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