multiple sysvol folder on the same folder

On my win2000 server computer I have multiple Sysvol directories in places that I should not have. I have one in the winnt directory (where it is supposed to be) and one on my desktop. It does not seem like the one on the desktop is a shortcut because when I try to erase it, it erases everything except for the "do not remove..." folder in the other sysvol folder (I get a sharing violation for the "do not remove" folder). Other strange thing, I restored the sysvol from backup... then everything came back in order. Then I tried to empty my recycle bin witch the sysvol folder from the desktop is in, and I get the sharing violation message again and everything in the sysvol folder in winnt is empty again and I have to restore from backup????

please help
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adamdrayerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
weird.  very weird.

If you hold shift down and delete something, it will skip the recycling bin and immediately be deleted.  You will see the prompt change from "are you sure you want to send these items to the recycling bin" to "are you sure you want to delete these items"

Second.  I would drop to a command prompt.  Check the directory of your desktop.  It should be in "C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Desktop\"

See if the sysvol directory is there or not.

When you restore from backup, does it reappear on your desktop?

as for emptying your recycling bin, you should either restore the files to the original location and use shift to delete them, or try and empty the bin in safe mode.

Be careful if this DC is important.  It's a good thing you have a backup.
bobsensorAuthor Commented:
thanks AdamDrayer for your answer.

ok let's go!

1) When I go to cmd, I can reach the sysvol folder on the desktop and yes, everything in the sysvol folder is restored on the desktop to!... It seem's like the sysvol folders in winnt, desktop and recycle bin are mirrored.

2) I think that I will have to delete in safe mode because I can never completelly remove the unassary sysvol folders because of the sharing violation for the "do not remove" folder.


thank you, and if you think of something else, please let me know

Don't have much experience with DFS, but check your Administrative tools for a management console for it.  See if that has anything to do with it.
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This might be a junction. Check it out with linkd.exe (if you have the W2k Resource Kit) or with junction.exe from Sysinternals, which is a bit easier to manage.


Linkd Does Not Create a Reparse Point Correctly

How to Create and Manipulate NTFS Junction Points

Best Practices for Sysvol Maintenance
bobsensorAuthor Commented:
Hum... I never used junction or the linkd tool???... Could I have done it accidentally???

Theoretically, no; but this about the only explanation that comes to my mind that could cause this behaviour.
bobsensorAuthor Commented:
ok... thanks!...

I will try to delete them in safe mode... if it works, I will split points
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