XP Themes / Visual Styles / Skinning in Vb.net

I'm looking to skin my Vb.net project. Would like to discuss the following points with someone who's "been there." My options, as I understand them, are these:

1) Get a good skinning control or library... Question is which one? I'd like to avoid WinCustomize, since their licensing arrangements are hugely costly.

2) Use XP Themes. Okay, but I'd like to let the user change XP themes for my program on the fly. Otherwise, the term "skins" has very limited meaning. Is this even possible?

3) Any other options?

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planoczConnect With a Mentor Commented:
check here for free XP software - like ... menus, XP format, etc.


rdavis101Author Commented:
Yeah, the Sandbar is an interesting product...no doubt about it.
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