How to connect a peer to peer network without creating a workgroup under a domain

Posted on 2004-08-27
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-03-18
Is it possible to connect a peer to peer network between computers when you are in a domain that has many domains without creating a workgroup? I am able to see the other computers but can't connect to view shared folder, keep getting the error message: There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request.
Question by:AI-Captain
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Expert Comment

ID: 11913854
Hmmm, you are trying to connect to computers in another domain??? is that it? If this is a case, you have to create a trust relationship between the domain.. get back to me if this is the case..

Expert Comment

ID: 11915024
hey AI-Captain,

yan_west is right to say that the computer you are trying to access is joined a domain which doesn't exist at the moment or atleast on the time u were trying to access that computer.

u can access the share of that computer if know username and password of the pc u want to access
goto CMD
"Net use \\<computername>\ipc$ /user:localhost\<username>"
<computername>=name of computer sharing folders u want to access
<username>=local user of the pc you are trying to access
it will ask for the password just enter the password of that username

good luck!!!
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Expert Comment

ID: 11948050
Hmmm you want 2 sets of computers, from 2 different domain to connect to each other, is that it.. got your message in your feedback, but it's kind of confusing ;)

or 1 sets of computer in a domain, and 1 in a workgroup?
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Author Comment

ID: 11985395
okay Yan,
I'll try to explain it better. I am a professor at a school and my students are trying to do a peer to peer network in class. The school has many domains, and the students have to try and connect a peer to peer network using  a hub with each other with out creating a workgroup. The school has many domains and the students' are part of one of the domains. When three computers are hoopked up to the hub the students' can see each others computer on there but cannot map and connect to the other computers; an error message occur as in my pevios question. Is it possible for them to connect a peer to peer using a hub with the current setup.
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Accepted Solution

Yan_west earned 2000 total points
ID: 11986966
Ok, for computers to connect to each other, they have no choice, they have to

a- Be member of a workgroup.
b- Be member of a domain.

In any case, when they are members of any of the 2.. (but not the 2 at the same time, this is impossible), they can see each other when they browse through network neighborhood. They also have to be on the same Ip range, and same subnet..

If they are members of configuration A or B, they only have to share a folder on their C drive, and browse through network neighborhood, double click on the other computer, and click on the share to access it. under XP/2000, the users must be assigned some permission to access these folders. (folder permission). If it is a domain, the user list is obtained from the domain. If it is for a workgroup, the user list must be comming from each computer. Each computer need to have a user account for each connection. Ex: comp 1 has user jsmith... if this person connect to comp 2, and no jsmith account is created on computer 2, this person will not be able to connect. If you want anyone to be able to connect to any share on a workgroup, on any computer, you must enable the "guest" account on all computers on your workgroup, and assign the permission on each computer for the guest account.

Did this help you?

Expert Comment

ID: 11987155
hello  AI-CAPTAIN,

did you try what I said ? the user concept was similar to what Yan_West said.
and if you only want to map the network drive you can do it aswell by command line.
I assume that computer B is on domain and computer A is on workgroup.

when u want to map network drive in computer A.goto command prompt(start/run/cmd)

net use * \\computerB\c$ /user:localhost\administrator

it will ask you for the password of administrator on B's Computer.hence will not create the trouble of no logon server available untill the session is established by that credentials!
C$=(I just gives an example of mapping thorough the administrative share you can map drives to the available shares)

btw, what you have tried in reply to this? and what was the effect?
good luck

Expert Comment

ID: 13149890
This question has been answered!
shouldn't be abandoned..!!

Yan_west gives good comments for that question and I hope that my solution was the one which questioner needs!

Expert Comment

ID: 13149923
AI-Captain, if I am not wrong than what you are willing to do is to connect two computers which are on domain. <but the domain is switched off/not available>

when the computer is a member of a domain each request to access resource is verified by the domain control and if there is no domain controller available it gives an error u mentioned above.

when u r trying to connect two pcs in a domain environment where domain is absent.you may connect peers if you have an account on the computer you are trying to access or if the guest account is enabled!

"net use" command allows you to connect to remote sharing with different credentials!
for example:-

net use * \\pc4\work /user:localhost\guest

in the above example
\\pc4 <--- is the name of computer
\work <---- is the name of shared folder
/user:localhost <----localhost refers to the computer name i.e pc4 "net use &\* \\pc4\work /user:pc4\guest" and the exampled above are same
/user:localhost\guest <---- guest is the username, if the guest account is enabled than, and the share permission is given to everyone than u can access the share {not guest account do not have any password, just press enter if prompted}

I hope this is exactly what you were looking for.
Good Luck

Expert Comment

ID: 13345740
what about the point split?

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