Problems with Samba and printing

Hi everyone.

I've been having a problem for a while, and I turn to you guys.
Here is a brief description of the environment:

Multiple Slackware 9 Workstations, used as Citrix clients (that's working wonders), also used in conjonction with Samba 2.2.0a to share a label printer on those same workstations.
Problem follows: Every once in a while, a print job is sent (always from the same software, it's called Magic ( and that print jobs jams Samba.
Now, printer just stops working, and rebooting won't do any good.  I can still see the printer share if I browse the host, but it won't let me create a local port using it's share name.

I'm not the one who set that up, I don't know much about Samba, I'm actually not even sure if the problem is Samba related or if it's directly the linux printing system.

Here is my smb.conf :
# Global parameters
        workgroup = OUR_DOMAIN_NAME
        netbios name = PH003L
        security = SHARE
        encrypt passwords = Yes
        update encrypted = Yes
        hosts allow = 192.168.10.

        path = /tmp
        guest ok = Yes
        printable = Yes

As you can see, the file is pretty light.  My feeling is that there is a file locked somewhere (smbstatus says no), and the ONLY way I found out of this has been to re-ghost the machine...  Upgrading the samba version isn't really an option that I am considering, but I would do it if someone tells me that this is a known problem and it won't happen again if I upgrade.

As of now, it's the only problem that will send me to work in the middle of the night so I can swap computers, I REALLY wish I could fix it from home...

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It seems that you have the minimum configuration for your samab to work, the least you can try is check what files are opened for your application

but this could be complicated, since its difficult to identify the file that's causing the problem
try diffenrents command
lsof | grep /dev/lp
lsof | grep locks

and the more general

lsof | grep smb

since we dont have more info, you should "test and error" to identify the file, the next thing to do is kill the process that's locking the file
kill -9 $pid_of_the_file_causing_the_trouble

I hope you can solve this :)

Aurus tunes out.
Hi folks,

Just browsing for samba stuff and came across this question. I'm fairly new to Samba, but in a previous life I used to know a fair bit about Magic, so I thought I'd pitch in just for old times sake!

Aurus has given some very good hints. If that doesn't get you there, maybe you could give some more details of your set-up. Is Magic running on a different Server - if so what OS are you using? What is the printing configuration there?
dunnohAuthor Commented:
I think I found where the lock files are, I'm waiting for the next time it happens to let you guys know...
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