How to turn off word wrap with "more"

I am running AIX 5. Is there any way to turn off word wrapping when using the "more" command? Or is there a different text viewer tool I can use that can turn off auto text wrap in AIX? Thanks.
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tfewsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
`pg -f filename` is supposed to prevent wrapping, but doesn't seem to work.

You could use `cut -c1-80 filename |more`

To save hassle, make it a shell script:
# m - Truncate lines to 80 chars & pipe to more
# Usage: `m filename`
cut -1-80 $1 |more

michaelatoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
tfewster's suggestion is what I do.  My only change might be to use "79" instead of "80" to prevent long lines putting an extra linefeed in your output -- but try 80 first.

Or use a telnet client that allows more columns, if you know the lines you're viewing are of a limited length eg. 200 characters.
chinhdo1Author Commented:
Good suggestions... but is there a tool that would allow to scroll to the right as well? Like Notepad/Textpad on Windows?
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Check out /usr/bin/dt/dtpad - a full GUI text editor
chinhdo1Author Commented:
tfewster: unfortunately /usr/bin/dt/dtpad is not available on my AIX install system.

I am going to keep this thread open a while longer to see if anyone else has a better solution.
dtpad is part of the X11 software set - X11.Dt.rte - if you decide to install it
There's a replacement for `more' called `less' -- it will scroll horizontally among other useful things.  You may find that on your system `more' is actually `less' -- try entering `-S' (without the quotes) while viewing a file.
Good call, svs!

"less" is only standard with Linux & Solaris, but the GPL sources can be downloaded from  and it's been tested on AIX (and just about every other OS ;-)
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