How to point the correct line in an external table

I have 2 databases A and B
I have inserted a table with B fields in A
Manually I have no problem at all to go through all fields of this table and update the database B.
I have tried to write a script to do this job and it also works fine but...instead of going to the first available line it simply run over my first line.
I do not know if I make myself understand because english is not my mother language so I give a short example

line 1  aaaa   aaaa    aaaa    aaaa   aaaa
line 2  bbbb   bbbb    bbbb    bbbb   bbbb
line 3  cccc    cccc     cccc     cccc    ccccc
line 4  is the line where I would like that my script give instruction to write. Instead now my script run over line 1 and replace
aaaa with dddd  dddd and so on.
Can somebody let me know how can I give instruction to go automatically to the first available line ( in this case 4th )
Thank you for your attention
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lesouefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It depends on yr relationship:
if you enable creation of new records in the related table in relationship properties, simply use:
active portal row [last]. (not sure about the syntax, I am not using a english version either.)
Note that will work if you have only 1 portal per layout since there is no way to select a given portal.
If creation of new records is disabled via the relationship, make a script to create records in table B. In table A, copy the field which is used by the relationship, call table B script, paste value in the field used for the relationship in B; you have a new related record.
Let me know if this is OK.
Just in case, I can give the exact syntax in french (yr name looks french, so...)
hainauxAuthor Commented:
Je suis effectivement français et j'utile le logiciel français. Ce n'est parfois pas très facile de traduire exactement les fonctions.
J'avais trouvé entretemps (Activer la rangée ( dernière ) et ça marche très bien mais je vous accorde volontiers les points.
Une question : Serait-il possible à l'avenir de poser ce genre de question en français ? Dans le cadre de Expert Exchanges je ne crois pas mais existerait-il un site ad hoc ? Merci encore
José Hainaux
Sorry english readers, just a bit of french for this guy, to tell him that english is the rule here!

Il y a un forum sur, mais le niveau est moyen.
Autrement, la langue est l'anglais ici, le français n'est compris que par 3% de l'audience je présume.
Tu peux peut être mettre des questions en français, le modérateur te dira surement que c'est "unfair", mais pose la question dans le "contact us", tu verras bien.
Tu peux toujours noter mon mail (enlever le nospam).
Le problème c'est qu'il est difficile d'avoir un fmaker en anglais, et la traduction est aléatoire; il m'arrive souvent de poster des exemples; ouverts avec une version anglaise, les fonctions apparaissent dans la langue ad hoc. Mais ça reste le bazar pr les dates, décimales, etc...
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hainauxAuthor Commented:
Thank you dear and sorry for the english readers. Please accept my apologizes.
I know that it is very difficult to translate the functions and commands from a french version of FM to an english version.
I am using FileMaker Pro version 6 in french and I am about to upgrade to FileMaker Developer version 7.
Questions :
1 /Assuming that I buy the English version of DEVELOPER 7 will my programs developed with french version FMPro 6 be compatible with the FM developer 7 in English ? In other words will I be able to use them in the new english version without being compelled to modify all scripts and everything ? I am afraid that it will not work. Isn't it ?
2/ If I start  programming again in English version with all functions and commands in English do you think that this program can be used in french by french users ? I mean that if the "portals" (modèles) are written in french normally the french user could ignore that the program has been made through out an english version of FM. Am I right ?
Thank you again
My best regards
They will be compatible as any FM6 job is, which means there is some work to be done: migration from 6 to 7 is not 100% ok, a few things have to be reviewed, especially windows not coming back to foreground in many situations. On top, if you'd import separate files into a single (as 7 allows several tables in a file), you have to review all links, external scripts calls, etc...)
Back to the question, language does not influence migration.
Almost true: all messages issued by the software itself will be english, which means you must handle all errors yourself, including wrond data entry, quite a lot of work... menus remain english, and printing dialogs (unless you remove them) will be a mix of french and english as some of the displayed features rely on printer driver. Personnally, I would not do it.
My wish is that FM does a version where you can program in english in a french version (like many others programming languages)
Bon voilà, ça fait un peu bizarre de répondre en anglais à un compatriote, mais c'est mieux tt le monde à priori!
hainauxAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your quick answer but I would like you to clarify one point :
1.-You say  that "language does not influence migration" so a program written with a FRENCH version 6 Pro could migrate to an ENGLISH version 7 developer and the scripts wrttien in French should work in English ???
2.- Well understood. It doesn't seem to be a good idea to migrate to an english version for an french user.

On the other hand I have posted yesterday and today 2 new questions ( urgent !!! ) could you help ??
Sincerely yours
Everything gets "translated" when you open the file. The filemaker format in international, but the app shows it according to its version. Only fields involving dates may have to be reviewed.
So a FM app works with any FM version apart from minor details due to regional settings.
 Ill check yr other questions
hainauxAuthor Commented:
ok thank you
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