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My manager calls me into his office and shows me an empty INBOX on his Outlook.  He says that yesterday the INBOX was full of email (spanning back several months).

I checked deleted items, a few little odds and ends.
I checked archive folders, it has calendar and other things, no INBOX.
I checked other folders in the TREE to make sure he didn't accidentally move them, nothing.
I checked to make sure he is running the same .PST file and that he is logged in under the correct account, all is well.

We are now receiving new emails into the empty Inbox as of today.

The OUTLOOK.pst is about 70MB, the archive is about 21MB.  The operating system in Win XP PRO.

Has anybody experienced something like this before?  I wonder if Outlook may have been autoarhiving or doing something and he forced it to shutdown or something.  I trust nobody.

2.  What is the best method to backup outlook data without user intervention.  I have used PF backup from microsoft, but I find that USERS are so dense that when they see the message to backup popup they cancel it EVERY time.  Would it be possible to put the PST file on a network drive where I can reach it in a daily backup?  Should I allow the client machines to store the file locally?


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1.  Outlook will auto archive yes.  Scan the local hard dive for any *.pst file.  You should find an archive.pst and outlook.pst.  If there is an archive file try opening it with Outlook to see if his messages are in there.  Then turn off auto archive  :-)

# Select Tools | Options from the menu.
# Go to the Other tab.
# Click the AutoArchive button.
# Make sure AutoArchive is off

2.  Best method for backup is storing the data on a network server.  The only way to do this is to have outlook setup in corporate and workgroup mode.  Then add the Personal Folder and Person Address book services.  These will allow you to select a file location.  Make a directory on the main server that is backed up nightly by a tape drive.  Then copy his local PST files to that directory.  Point his outlook at those files.  Works great.  This has several advantages.  The tape drives back's up the email nightly so the most they loseof email is one day if the server crashes.  The user can crash his machine or get a new machine and you don't have to worry about saving email.  When you install Outlook on the new machine you just point it to the data on the server an there is all the email and contacts.

deekyAuthor Commented:
No it wasn't archived.  I think he might have erased it himself but won't fess up.  Anyhow, I'll need to try setting up the Coporate method of Outlook, I remember having some other problems with this before but I don't remember what the issue was.  I think Outlook is a very complicated program, and very unorganized in menus and setups.


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