streaming server

I'm trying to get the darwin streaming server running on my mac os x.
I have it installed and have gone access to web admin.
It is currently running.
I am trying to test it to see if it's all working by running quicktime broadcaster on the same machine.
I have tried many different settings but still I can't seem to get any connection when trying to view the broadcast using:

it gives me a error -5420 can't connect.

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daniel416Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you've decided to switch platforms, maybe you'll be better off reposting your question in the proper forum.
there is a linux forum available.

Maybe this will help you out a bit:

kephillipsAuthor Commented:
ok. thanks for the link.
still can't seem to find anything on error -5420 though and how to correct it.
I can however view the quicktime movie from a web page....does this mean my server is running??

kephillipsAuthor Commented:
not being happy with the support from darwin streaming server I am opting to helix server.
Anybody know how to configure helix server for linux??
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