TV and internet in same cable

Can I put TV signal and in ternet in the same cable ,I have hotel and I have coaxial cab le to many rooms in the hotel can I
Share in ternet to the same cable I plane to put computer in many rooms in my hotel
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sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi teera,

Ofcourse you can . Look at this

Is TV signal and Cable Internet , provided by 2 different companies. Try to look for a company that provides both. That way it would be easier for you to work with them in accomplishing what you need.

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
agree I get my Telephone, TV, and Broadband down the same cable from NTL :)
Yes, my provider, Cablevision, does that.  High-speed internet only takes up two channels of broadcast bandwidth.  You should use RG-6 coax for better quality of transmission, if you can.
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I think maybe he's asking if he can use the existing coax cables to make a network in his hotel (to provide internet access to his customers?).  The answer to this is no.  For a hotel I would say get wireless.
Hmm, come to think of it, distributing a network by coax is not a good idea - you're limited to 10Base2.  I was thinking of how the coax comes to my house, but if it were a hotel, that would require a cable modem in every room.  A better idea is to run coax and cat5 to every room.
running network cable to every room in a hotel would be very expensive.  wireless really is the best way to go, especially considering most people bringing a laptop with them on a trip nowadays have wirless networking built-in.
Excellant point Chuckatosc .. I was going to say wireless too

CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Of course, the downside of wireless is you're still going to have to install a few access points, depending on wall and floor thickness, materials in the wall, and angle to the antenna; otherwise you'll get a lot of dropouts.

The cost of cat5 wire is somewhere around $45/1000 feet (, plus terminators and wall outlets.
< I plane to put computer in many rooms in my hotel >

In that case I would have to agree with Callandor. When you only want to provide internet access to guests with laptops, I would consider a wireless solution...

Blue Rishi
why don't you just put the computers in lounge hall or someplace rather than put it in each room ?
that way you could monitor your computer units in case someone want to steal the memory or some part of the units. :) or any other bad scenarios which might happen.
and it's also cost less for you. No need to buy expensive wireless solution (which could be not secure and leaks problem) and less money to spend on ethernet cable :)

The cost of the actual cable is a very small part of a project like this.  Unless it was a very small number of rooms, the installation costs involved with wall fishing every room in a decent sized hotel would far outweigh the costs involved with installing a few wireless access points and antennas.
nikeshhajariConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi my parents own a hotel do.

go with comcastonehospitatlity service. they can do cable and tv over one line.

it works. look for their ad in the ahoaa magazine at their website or any other hospitatlity magazine.
If you're running coax for the TV anyway, running the ethernet at the same time would make the install cheap, I believe.
Hammadian2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It's impossible
they're all dreaming :))

spreading data on a coaxial data needs terminations to avoid signal reflections...
which means, the coaxial cable needs to be terminated in each room not using it (terminated = closed somehow)

10baseT anyway is never bad when talking about internet, as it's able to provide upto 10mbps which is imaginary for internet :))

About wireless, who said it's cheaper ??!!!, better look at the prices of similira architectures...

no sir, it's not possible...

You have one of 2 options:
1. Running a new ethernet network in your hotel and visitors get connected to it through lan adapters
2. Using broadband over exsisting telephone network (I assume that you already have a telephone network) and use broadband over it, so that visitors get connected through filters and broadband modems

that's it
I'm the one that said wireless is cheaper than running cat5.  

Unless this person is going to be doing all of the wiring for his entire hotel himself, running cables is expensive.  You can get a few nice routers and WAPs a lot cheaper than you can fishing every room in an entire hotel w/cat5.  Like I said earlier, the expenses of running cable aren't in the actual cable, but the labor to install it.

Also the idea of buying a DSL modem for every room in a hotel is preposterous.  Even at a good rate per modem he could probably even run cat5 cheaper than that.
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