Fonts/Formats Lost after upgrading from HP 4ML to HP 1012...?

I have been a dedicated OS 8.6 user running an HP 4ML laserjet and now have moved
up to OS 9.2, choosing to upgrade to an HP 1012 laserjet.  Docs. formerly created under
OS 8.6, in apps like Pagemaker 6.0/6.5 and Freehand, where "postscript" fonts were
downloaded to the printer and accurately printed, are NOT "translating" when attempting
to print same under the OS 9/LJ1012 printer config.

If I boot in 8.6 and use the old printer, they will print successfully, albeit about 100 times
slower (at least), but accurately.  

Is there any conceivable way to retain the original data and print the material on the
newer printer or are they "locked in" to only print on the original printer, due to  the way in which they were created ?

PS... Is there any means of "sharing" both the OS 8.6 machine and a G4 with the newer
1012 printer whereby both could print to the same LJ-1012?  I realize that the LJ1012
requires OS 9 minimum, but if networked with another machine that still is running on OS 8.6, is it possible for that machine to "access" and print to, the LJ1012, since it is set up
and running on, lets call it, the "host" machine which would be a G4 with OS 9.2?

Thanks for any help as I try to sort out a compromise of some kind here. Likewise
if this belongs in the MAC OS realm, I'll be glad to re-post it there.


Mike in Mich
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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
BTW, for graphics design apps like PageMaker & Freehand, I strongly suggest a PostScript printer. They cost more but are worth it in the long run...
As far as I know the HP 1012 does not support either PostScript or PCL. Hence it amazes me it works at all with the Mac (normally those printers only work under Windows). As the host has to do all the graphics processing I can well understand why it is a lot slower than your old printer.

In this case, unless HP supply drivers, it is not possible to share the printer with other OS versions.
mikes425Author Commented:
hmm.  it is supplied with a Mac Classic installer on the disk but i take it there's a compatibility issue
as evidenced by the crash scenario on the G4.  Ideally just wanted that particular one to serve as a more
cost-efficient text printer for emails and scripts in my Studio...  I did pick up a copy of PowerPrint
which provides a sort of workaround to enable parallel to USB for my old HP Laserjet 4ML and it
handles the postscript fine, yet requires a long processing period to 'negotiate' the info (being one of
the original HP laserjets of course).  Too bad I'm totally Mac because i don't believe i have a return
option on the HP 1012 at this point...
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mikes425Author Commented:
Err...if i might get a recommendation on a decently priced Postscript/Mac Friendly printer, I'd be glad to
hear suggestions .  I am not a fulltime DTP person obviously...but do my own layouts for fliers, etc. in
Pagemaker/Freehand routinely, for my freelance business. Thanks again!

Hdhondt, just so you know, HP actually did develop a Mac driver for the LaserJet 1012, making it one of the first raster-based Mac printer drivers released by a major manufacturer.

As for the initial problem, have you tried using something like GhostScript? You could then create a PostScript file from your app and print it to the raster printer using GhostScript. I've never tried GhostScript on the Mac, but it should work.
Yes, I know there are Mac drivers for the LJ 1012, but these are very much OS specific. Hence the problems mikes425 is having. And hence the difficulty in "sharing" the printer, as a suitable driver has to be installed on each Mac. Unless HP are willing to update drivers for each new version of MacOS you're at a dead end.

The suggestion about GhostScript is a good one - I'd forgotten about GhostScript. You would need to send the PostScript file to the Mac with the driver, and rasterise it there. I don't know whether Mac GhostScript can be set to look for PostScript files and print them automatically. If that can't be done, you would ned to print each file manually; way too tedious for normal use.

For a low cost PostScript printer, try looking at the Xero, Lexmark or Brother offerings.
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