0S= Win2K3 Datacenter Edition

Have OS on D: and formatted larger C: with Paragon Drive Backup Personal so OS can later be copied there but upon reboot after applying settings I get a PXE or similar screen which results in a message saying check cable + error code.

I previously had Longhorn 4074 installed on the C: and it had previously continued to go to the dual boot screen even though I deleted almost everything from the drive and removed the line from the boot record on the D:.

I've tried the fixboot and fixmbr commands from the recovery console on the OS setup disk to no avail - may I have made it worse?

What can I do to fix my bootup?
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ColinRoydsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try do a new installation but into a differnet folder on d: this should sort out the c: info that you are missing then edit the boot.ini to point to the correct installation path.
Serotonin_X_InfiniteAuthor Commented:
Good idea. Not sure how to create & install into new folder.
If I did a clean install on the C: would that be affected by anything on the D:?
ColinRoydsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
when you do a new install, specify d: as the install path and it will say there is already an OS there do you want to install to a new directory and if so what is the path and use d:\winnt1 or such like.
Serotonin_X_InfiniteAuthor Commented:
glad its sorted.
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