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Move the paging file

I have a failed redundancy error for the second time in three months on a software RAID 1 volume. The volume contains the information store, and the exact error message is "Failed Redundancy (Page File)"

I removed the drive and rebuilt the mirror after the first time, but my thinking now is that I need to move the paging file to another drive. I was hoping for someone to chime in and either agree or disagree with me, or be able to offer some advice regarding moving hte paging file properly.

Any help is most appreciated
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Hi jabronicus,
What operating system?
Did you use the same drive to rebuild the mirror?  If so, change the drive for a new one.  You should really try and find a hardware solution for RAID as software is generally unreliable and slow.  

What is this "information store" that you mention?

Moving the page file to another drive is a simple task but what is your current computer setup?  Multiple RAID arrays, drives, etc...
jabronicusAuthor Commented:
Windows 2000 Server. I replaced with a new disk, and RAID was configured this way prior to coming on board. The information store is the live Exchange database.

No other RAID volumes on server. I have one slot that I can add another but RAID 5 on this old server would bring to its knees. It is old, dual P2. I was hoping to move the paging file to a new disk and hope that takes care of the error message, but was not 100 percent sure how it would affect Exchange.
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If you have Windows XP this is how you move the paging file:

Control Panel>System>Advanced>Performance, Settings>Advanced>Virtual Memory, Change>then set it to whichever drive you want.

Note: if you have two hard drives, you should put the page file on the drive where the OS is not located, it helps speed things up.
I was hoping that Information Store wasn't for Exchange...  might wanna make sure you have a recent backup of that database - or you may lose all the emails in that store if something goes awry.

If you replaced the 2nd mirror drive in your array twice in three months it could be:
1.  Coincidence...
2.  Overheating issues - check system fans and temperature for any anomalies.
3.  Power issues - check the power supply for abnormal voltages or just replace if not sure since the server is old.
4.  The hard drive controller (IDE, SCSI) could be showing signs of age and getting flaky.

To move the page file to another drive (excerpt from MS KB#123747):

1. In Control Panel, double-click System.
2. Click the Advanced tab.
3. Click Performance options.
4. Click Change under Virtual Memory.
5. Select the new drive that you want to use to store the paging file.
6. Set Initial Size (MB) and Maximum size. For the initial size, Microsoft recommends using the recommended value in the Total Page File Size for All Drives box.
7. Click Set, and then click OK twice.
8. Click Restart Now.

NOTE: If you move the Paging file from the system partition, Windows cannot write debug information to the disk in the event of a "Stop Error" message (blue screen error).

Moving the page file will not affect Exchange as the page file is for the Operating System alone.
jabronicusAuthor Commented:
In your opinion is this optimal to moving it using the registry editor like so?

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

Change the value with the following details:
Data Type: MULTI_SZ
Value Name: PagingFiles
Value: C:\pagefile.sys 286 286
As you can have multiple paging files, you can set the details of each one. This is a MULTI_SZ value so it can contain a list of values. Simply enter the path and name of where you want to place the paging file, and its size in megabytes.

Restart the computer for the changes to take effect

Currently the location of the file is on my F drive along with the Exchange information store. I just want to make it a seemless transition as I have never had to move a paging file in this configuration. I am assuming that the age of the server is limiting the ability to manage Exchange and the paging file on the same drive. Any other thoughts?
I wouldn't recommend doing a registry edit for the page file.  Windows 2000 Server allows you to set multiple paging drives in the Virtual Memory settings control panel.  As far as I've read on the registry setting, you still need to reboot and in MS KB#102985, it specifically states that it page file settings should be set using the control panel.

www.winnetmag.com/Article/ArticleID/14508/14508.html  is an article which talks about doing it the registry way but it does mention that the method should be tested before put into production...

The paging file should be preferably on a drive that is not used heavily (i.e. user file shares, file server drives, etc.).  Also, it should also be put on a decently fast drive, if you have different drives in the system - RAID 1 drives are great for pagefiles but again, it should be put on a drive that isn't used much.

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