How to make my 486 work as a Firewall?

I have 486 PC with 4MB Ram . I would like to configure it as a fire wall. The Modem I have is a USB ADSL modem with the output as USB . I would like to configure this as My firewall for my network . How can I configure it? Can any one explanin to me step by step. My 486 has no USB ports only serial ones. I also have a Pentium 3 PC and a Pentium 4 Laptop. How do I configure these three in a network and how to set the firewall on the 486 PC .

My 486 has Dos ver 6.2
My Pentium 3 Pc has Win Xp pro
My Pentium 4 Laptop has win xp home.

Need any details just ask . I would like to get this started.
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LucFConnect With a Mentor EMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi yavooza,

You'd be much better off with a firewall/router like Freesco installed on that 486, all you have to do is upgrade the RAM to at least 8MB.

Dos ver. 6.2 won't be able to do it all for you.

One little problem, freesco which I pointed to above doesn't support USB, so you'll have to get yourself an ethernet ADSL modem or some kind of converter (I doubt if a converter will work without any problems)


Hi yavooza,

You can't.

Not with the hardware you have.

If the 486 doesn't support USB, then regardless of which firewall you put on it, you won't be able to use it.

You could however get yourself a ethernet DSL modem, and use that instead.

Then, you could install something like Ipcop. 

However, it will need more than 8mb of ram for the install, when it's running 8mb will be fine.

yavoozaAuthor Commented:
What do you think i can do with my 486 .Is there anything good I can do . Bcoz its lyingh there as a waste. I would like to use its potential.
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LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Making it a firewall will be a nice thing, another thing that might be funny is to make it a standalone MP3 player.

yavoozaAuthor Commented:
How can i make it an mp3 player?
i dont have any os in it
Scorp888Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This is getting away from the Original question.

The answer to that has been given, but you need either:

an ethenet enabled adsl device.
a usb card for your 486.

I suggest you close the question, and ask another.

I've got an old 486, spec blah,. blah.

As I can't use it for a firewall, because it doesn't have usb, what can I use it for?

LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Scorp888 is right, you're asking two questions in one, please see http:help.jsp#hi107

Just one little thingy:
>>a usb card for your 486.<<
Isn't an option for you as a 486 won't support any OS with a good support for USB wich is certainly needed for using it as a router/firewall.

So, you'll really need to get yourself an ethernet modem for your system.

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