Question about notebook harddrives...

I am wondering...

I have a Toshiba P25-S670 Notebook.
The hard drive bay can easily accomodate 2 harddrives, and there are even screw holes for a second drive. The only problem is there is not an interface connector to attach a second notebook harddrive.

Here is my question, is there somekind of cable or interface board that would allow me to connect 2 notebook harddrives to a single interface (as Master and Slave is done in a full desktop)?

I noted that in the BIOS, there are options for Master and Slave for the primary and secondary IDE channel, but the slaves for both are empty.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated,
Tyson Edwards
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sorahConnect With a Mentor Commented:
An external drive would be the best solution for you, because of the size you could get with them.

Personally, I would buy a HDD onto the modular bay for the simple fact, that having 2 HDDs on different IDE channel makes a very fast system if used properly. You can use the second drive as TEMP when editing a long movie, so it will be a lot faster.

To answer your question, you could connect 2 HDDs to the Primary IDE controller if you find apropriate cable for that, because notebook HDDs can also be set for master/slave. I doubt though that you find such cable, because the notebook HDDs get the power also from the "cable" (which is a socket on a notebook). There would be the risk also, that too much power is drained for the 2 HDDs at the point where only 1 HDD was originally expected.

So go for a very cheap external drive and havefun with it.
Interesting...I've never seen a laptop capable of using two hard drives...I would assume that maybe if this is possible it would be proprietary to Toshiba and maybe an add-on or accessory that they have available.  I'll try to do a search for the laptop...see if i find anything useful.
That laptop has a modular bay to connect a 2nd hard drive.  You just need to buy the HDD bay adapter and a 2nd hard drive.  As for the hard drive bay - I am not sure if that is the same as the modular one.

dis1931, old Dell Latitudes had the ability to have a 2nd hard drive.  It was a neat feature but the feature faded away once they introduced larger notebook hard drives.  Plus the costs were pretty high.  Hopefully, Toshiba's implementation won't be as expensive.
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Very nice...a neat feature indeed!

Neat feature yes... but I am still drooling over the 17 inch widescreen display on that beast.  :)
theravibesAuthor Commented:
Yea, the 17in display is really nice...

The problem that I have is I use this system as a mobile video editing workstation, and I need to use the 7200RPM Harddrives in order to move the data fast enough from video sources in real time. The only problem is that I have only found 60GB 7200 RPM notebook drives, so I was kinda hoping I could just add a second to the system to make it really work.

I will take a look into the modular bay, although other modular bays for this model take up either the battery compartment or the DVD+/-R/RW/RAM drive, and I would really like to keep them in the system... (I mean what use is a mobile workstation if it doesnt have battery power, and I am a big fan of backing up my projects to DVD as soon as they are completed, and kinda hard to do when project files are sitting on the second drive, and it needs to be removed in order to make room for the DVD Recorder.

Are there any external drive bays that do not require external power?
That may work, although it is not the most ideal solution.

Thank you for your assistance,
Tyson Edwards
Just to mention... there are external USB drive enclosures that you also use to expand storage:

...are just a few to mention.

The USB 2.0 spec should allow for you to do real time digital editing and the enclosure would allow you to use desktop hard drives instead of the notebook hard drives which cost more per MB.  Unfortunately, the external enclosures require a separate power supply (some are included) to run.  I would definitely try and call Toshiba to see if you can in fact use the spare hard drive space in the caddy (what you are originally talking about) since it's a cleaner solution.
... Oh and I forgot to mention the excess heat that the 2 HDDs in one bay would produce.
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