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F8 Key DOES NOT WORK XP Pro Clean Install

This is really getting the best of me..Ive tried three different keyboards and the F8 key still does not work....The key is kinda important...LOL

Is there something in the bios that disables the f keys?

Should I just go with Windows 95 ?

Nf7s V2.0 MOBO
Aspire atx 520 w PS
XP 3200+/400 ATHLON / Barton
Corsair Twinx 2X512mb pc 3200
Ati 9600xt Video card
2@ 200g WD Hd's
Sony Dru 530A DvdRwCdRw
3 case Fans and TT2 Cpu Cooler W Arctic Silver 5
1 Solution
Hello AiricR =)

Well Different Systems have different settings for getting the Safemode Menu,,,, are u sure for ur system its the F8 key ??
e.g. my old system was used to boot into safemode via F3 key.... and on some machiens this key is ESC key, on some machines its the DEL key and on some it can be F5 also :)

or F8 was working fine before XP Installtion and just has stopped ??
AiricRAuthor Commented:
Im sorry.....

The F8 key is not working during the install of Xp PRo...

It goes to a screen that says...Press enter to setup Windows xp....

Enter works and it continues.....

The next sreen is the User agreement f8 to agree and continue....

This is where it does not work.....

Sorry for not clearing that up
AiricRAuthor Commented:
Tried Three keyboards....Still nothing
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lolz...... ok i get the problem now :)

so two questions....

1. have u tried another XP CD yet ?
2. Are u having only one partition or more than one..... and if Yes then do u have ur data on any of its partition ?
AiricRAuthor Commented:
Wrote Zeros and Ones Across the drive....Nothing There

Tried Three Different cd's

All of which have previously worked fine..

No PArtitions as of yet
AiricRAuthor Commented:
Im going to close this and start another one with a revised Question to make it clear whats going on and where......

Question Closed
Question Closed
Question Closed
Question Closed
Question Closed
Question Closed

Starting another Question
>> No PArtitions as of yet

then try this....

get a windows98\Me startup bootdisk from here >>

then boot with it... and delete ur current drive, recreate the Primary partition or better partition it in two halfs, using fdisk >>

then after formatting both partitions,,,,, restart and now boot with the CD... check if it can continue the setup or not ??
Post back results :)
wowwwww.... so u are closing it.... no problem go ahead... see u in ur next question =)

!! Good Luck !!
AiricRAuthor Commented:
Sorry, just wanted to word it better...I got it going with my wifes keyboard....She's not happy about the station dismantle but its working...Thanks for your replies
lol..... good :)
ask her to not to upset,,,, as her keyboard is required only for installing XP... once its is installed, u can hook ur own keyboard and its drivers to get it working ;)

Cheers ^_^
AiricRAuthor Commented:
Its just one of those weird problems that you never find an answer too....I have built 3 machines this week and I am at witts end with the little querks.....
well that's all the game of Hardware Compatibilty !!!!!  :)
Paul SDesktop Support Manager / Network AdministratorCommented:
are these usb or ps/2 keyboards?
Had problem, F8 at the LICENSING PAGE IN XP I use a boot diskfromPCbeginner,ok.
Next prob with F8, have just got a hard disk, GStorPlus 1080 with encription and restore function, you have to go through firmware install to config h-disk b4 installing XP. so cant use my booting floppy as new hard drive has nothing on it.

can anyone answer the Question about F8
tried other key boards all other Funtion keys WORK  No guessing please
thanks andy
Try this-
I would disconnect everything that is plugged into the back of your pc/only have the mouse and keyboard.
 Try a USB mouse and keyboard and/or one that is not USB.

-Open up your PC and disconnect the hardware that connects your mouse, boot- up the PC and then force shutdown, connect the harware and try again.

It appears that you can not fix the problem and these things I mention are hard-core/not really good to do.
My problem is that none of my f keys work and it just sits were it states - press enter to boot from disk or don't do anything to boot regularally.
If all else fails, I just go to the local PC store and ask them. lol
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