Hey guys. Can anyone please tell me ALL the options I can put in between:

something = new ActiveXObject(?);

The Options in the ? spot.
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John-DoeConnect With a Mentor Commented: a way your computer can tell you this.. and that's if you use your browser and check out some siets with "how to learn scripting" and so forth.

For starters go to ie and check out the tutorials under "Browser Scripting"

Read this page:

DevGuru have a nice overview over JavaScript (ECMA) - (might be some of what you mean):


Not recomended right away - but can be for ineterest are also more complex core documentations like:

Else: use ie and serch for it -

The general syntax of the active x are
var objVar = new ActiveXObject(class[, servername]);

The objVar are a required variable name to wich the AcitveXobj are assigned.
The "class" - part can be divided to appname.typeclass where appname are the
application providing the object and typeclass the type or class of the object you want to create.
Servername are an optional value on where the object should be created.


var objfso = new ActiveXObject('Scripting.FileSystemObject','YourServer');

... Hope this are to some help...

varuncvaradaAuthor Commented:
See I sometimes want to make my pages dynamic and want the list of things that it supports. Can my computer tell me the list?Thanks.
well, JavaScript has no power whatsoever (correct me if im wrong) to generate a list of all available ActiveX objects on your page. You might want to open VB and check ActiveX objects in the References menu. I have currently tried ADODB.Connection, ADODB.Recordset, WScript.Shell, and Scripting.FileSystemObject.
eh yes and no gam3r ... it depends really

you can use do this : var objPDF = new ActiveXObject( "application/pdf" );

if you were to iterate through your navigator.MIMETypes array thjen you can see a list of plugins that are usable

go here

and it will tell you how to find out which activexobjects you can make
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