Networking a G3 w/OS8.6, with a G4 w/OS9.22. Printer, other issues?

Sorry if this may duplicate a question elsewhere in "Printers" but it may be more specific to the OS than
peripheral hardware....

The goal is the following.  To keep a G3 desktop on OS 8.6 with an HP Laserjet 4ML printer...but network it
with an AGP G4 desktop so both can share resources.  There is a USB adapter card on the G3. There are the
built-in USB and firewire ports on the G4.  I want to be able to print from either System, and access equally
from both systems, the HP 4ML.  I know that some docs created in 8.6 and earlier systems, in Pagemaker and
Freehand apps., will not output with retained formatting and print accurately to a newer HP 1012 USB printer
that I've tried on the G3.  However....i wonder if both machines were networked to share common printer(s),
whether the older docs WOULD print with their original formatting if outputted to the G4 set to print to a newer
USB (1012 HP) printer...?   The overriding question is...what are the specific steps i need to take to basically
network two different systems if it's possible at all.. one being OS 8.6 based, one being G4/OS 9.  I want to
share data between the two able to share a common printer (one or more) between the two machines..
as well as internet access.  I have already picked up, but not yet set up - an ethernet switch to go about tying
the two together.  I will then move my current Internet Router down a notch in the chain so that it is on the same
ethernet network which will presumably allow all machines to get internet access.  The question is about what
else needs to be done in terms of networking these two boxes in all other respects (printer and connectivity
between the two drives primarily).  

Thanks.. If you need more specificity I will post more detail.  It's mostly about specific settings of Apple-based
software that i'm sorta lost with at this stage and i want to try and clear this up before i start messing with everything.
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Before you do anything, bump the G3 to 9.2.2 so you at least get some USB printer sharing ability. Then toss in the switch and turn on Filesharing on the OS X machine, and tell us if you can see the OS X box from the G3 Chooser.
mikes425Author Commented:
Hmm. I'm not running OSX... and don't want to.  My desire is to keep OS 8.6 on the G3 and network it to a
G4 running OS 9.22....and have them both share a common USB PRinter (presumably the one on the G4).

If connectivity requires upgrading from 8.6 on the G3 then i have thousands of MacWrite II docs that must
be batch converted to Rich-Text format, since that app. won't operate stably beyond 8.6.  I'm willing to do that
but the notion of just keeping a machine with 8.6 on it for the sake of running older apps and opening older
docs (and printing them) created under 8.6 and earlier...was the idea behind networking that the
newer OS 9.22/G4.... The G3 with 8.6, thus would be able to just be left alone but still be able to access the
older application docs that won't translate normally, or crash - if the system is upgraded past 8.6.

I guess i'm unclear on what you mean in your comment with regard to anything "OSX" .

Sorry, meant the G4 box, not OS X box. But to do printer sharing youre going to have to get the G3 to 9.2.2. 8.6 doesnt do printer sharing.

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mikes425Author Commented:
Ahh... well, that restriction pretty much negates the need to network the two systems then.  Too bad there's no way to retain everything that was created
in OS 8.6 that wont run crash-free in later systems....bummerz
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