Using Adotable locate

Hey there,

Trying to use adotable locate to find a row in a database, the row must has two things it must match. The name and the number.

So I used this

If Adotable1.Locate('name;number', VarArrayOf(['bob', '123']), []) then....

but it dosn't match it, yet I do have a record of that in the database.
Anyone have a clue what I am doing wrong?
name and number are the colums. bob and 123 are the name and number to locate.


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mottorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
May be you have 'Bob' instead of 'bob' in the table

Adotable1.Locate('name;number', VarArrayOf(['bob', '123']), [loCaseInsensitive])

Best Regards,
wildzeroAuthor Commented:

Nope same thing, still dosn't want to pick it up.
bpanaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Adotable1.Locate('name;number', VarArrayOf(['bob', 123]), [])
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or maybe you have filtered the recordset and the searched record it is not in available.
wildzeroAuthor Commented:

Nope still nothing.
Don't have it filtered...
wildzeroAuthor Commented:
Argh shoot!
I found the problem, it was after the statement.
It was returning true, and doing what it had to do, then right afterwards I had it un-doing it.

Sorry chaps
You should give the points to yourself :)

The funny thing is that by me (Oracle) loCaseInsensitive doesn't matter and loPartialKey doesn't work. And it finds not only 'Bob', but also ' bob' and 'bob '.

Best Regards,
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