new ink jet printer smell-odor

Hi, two part question

 Two days ago I install a HP business ink jet 3000 printer for a group of users. (whooo, It is a heavy beast) . After about 4 mins of it self-aligning its print heads, it fails and gives an error of "cyan cartridge faulty". They are all new cartridges. I reset the cartridge in twice - nothing. Swapped it out for a cartridge down the hall and it does print successfully.

Another tech recommended resetting the cartridge in a few more times, any other tips on getting the new cartridge to work?

Also after the process of aligning the print heads and it gives me the test sheet (it is a 7 to 12 min process), there is a brief odor kind of like an old electric heater smell. Should I be worried about this? Explanations for the smell?

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jonoakleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
to fininsh...
the same results would occur, but the manufacturer should have a better testing facility than your brand new printer.
Did you swap the non working cartridge to working printer or swap a working cartridge to the newly installed printer?
If a different cartridge works in the new printer the "new carridge" is suspect.
If you are getting odd electrical odors eminiating from the the new cartridge and not the old replace the cartridge.
All cartridges cannot be tested, so send it back to the manufacture and they should replace it free.
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felip83Author Commented:
I swapped  a working cartridge to the new printer-and it works and passes the tests.

I have a replacment cartridge order should be in tomarrow.

Havent tryied swaping the suspect cartridge in to a working printer, it may just be finikey in the new printer.

As for the odor, I though it may just be some part working in,( I do not know the source of the odor). I just noticed it a few times after a page would be droped.

Seems odd though coming from an inkjet printer.  
Sorry to state the obvious but you get the odor of something getting warm, something is most likely getting warm.
If this is a new cartridge you should be able to repackage if possible and return to the manufacturer for replacement. Send an explanation of what occured. Also check the new package to arrive for a support number is available.
If I felt daring and didn't mind replacing the printers, I would try the suspect cartridge in the second printer to check if the the same results occur. I would think
felip83Author Commented:
New cartidge came in and , now , everything works great.

Brand new faulty cartidge - I love HP

As for the odor seems to of gone away
HP may give up a new one on a trade-in.
As for the smell, just a cartridges way of saying OWWW
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