Video card or monitor problem

I have a system that was just formatted and reloaded as of two days ago (low level format to be exact) it was loaded with viruses now it is virus free however now 3 days later when the system was booted the monitor made a popping sound and now the screen is blurry from bootup to desktop and the start button is missing on the desktop among other things....

I know the next logical step would be to connect another monitor, but what I want to know is if their is a physical problem with the video card could it blow up a monitor... I do not want to risk connecting another monitor and blowing it up if the video card has the capability to do that.... The card is integrated into the motherboard it seems a tad flexible but not like where it is freely moving.
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_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a small chance that could happen.
Why don't you check the monitor on another system first. To see if it is working OK.
If Yes, then disable the onboard video, and put a 'cheap' pci card in to test.
Let us know what happens.   : )
briancassinAuthor Commented:

the one thing I forgot to mention which may be critical here is up until 3 days ago the customer had a towel on top of their monitor covering the vent holes it is a 17inch monitor, they had the towel on top of the monitor for quite a long time at least a year maybe even 3 years....I had them remove the towel because the monitor obviously will overheat however now 3 days later it makes the popping sound when it is turned on, and everything is blurry. Someone told me it may be something to do with the contact points or what not warping due to the heat and now that it is running cooler the connection has broken loose from one of the guns inside the monitor any ideas on this ???
As they say, : everything is possible, but nothing is easy to diagnose. Now if it were like you said, you can open the monitor and inspect the print board, for such broken contacts. Be sure to disconnect all power first ! But your best bet is to do as coral47 said first.
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Hmmm....Tough one. It could have also been getting ready to go after a year (or more) of heat, and you just happened to tell them to take the towel off before it did. Hard to say exactly what is making it pop, but usually it's a capacitor gone wanky.
BE CAREFUL when messing with monitors!!!!! Even unplugged, they can hold a charge ( 10,000 volts if I remember correctly ) for a long time. Hours, up to days.
briancassinAuthor Commented:
I checked it out further my monitor worked fine on their pc and their monitor did not work properly on my pc the screen is huge and fuzzy looking. when first turned on you can see an actual white spark behind the glass followed by a loud pop sound. I thought the glass was going to blow out on it. Smells bad too, they opted to get another monitor so the monitor is going to be replaced. It has a one year warranty so if it blows the replacement monitor then I know it is the video card for certain. I do not think that it is the problem but my intuition tells me differently.
briancassinAuthor Commented:
nobus I would do what you suggested but I have two problems with doing that...

1. I have learned not to mess with anything electrical or with capacitors unless you know exactly what you are doing and how to drain them (bad experience in the past)

2. I would not feel comfortable trying to repair it because I would not sleep well at night seeing as how I would be worried it may start a fire.
Thank you much.    : )

>>> bad experience in the past <<<  LOL   You and me both.
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