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Hello guys and gals...

Here's my story...
I see a bios flash update for my Epox 8KRA2+ so i get it (its only supposed to add support for the new Sampra's)
All CMOS settings are gone - as I was expecting - so i put all the value back in and set the boot sequence so it went to my windows drive first.
Does windows load? No. Linux does. Linux which is on another hard disk.

The only way it seems I can get windows to boot is unplugging the power to the linux HD, or telling BIOS not to count it at all...

Now i've googled around a little bit because I really need to access other things on that drive when I'm in windows... So alternating them is NOT an option... I've since reverted my bios, and flashed it back to the old version and put all my settings back in again but to no avail.

Another thing i've noticed is that the windows load time has doubled... It was short before but its noticabley long now...

I've even tried moving things around on the IDE buses. Just tell me if this sounds like a good setup.
2xHD on SATA (nothing to do with all this)
IDE1 = 1HD + 1CDRW

Would it be better putting the HD's together? I was classicly told that was bad, but then i also found out that drives only go as fast  as the other device on the cable.

System spec:
Mobo as above
1gig 333mhz RAM
AMD XP 2800+ overclocked to in the region of a 3800+ if they existed
Hd's also as above
Antec Trupower 550W PSU

Everything's chilly in the PC so its not a new heat problem. Its literally this damned BIOS update that's wiped my settings and I've forgotten how to put it so it works...

On my bios i get to select what drives boot when... a nice feature.... but it seems to be ignoring it for now...
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Dynamic1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Also make sure the HDDs are on the master blue end of cable plugged into mobo the 80 wire cable also it is still 40 pins but the extra wires are grounds for better data integrety. The CD roms will work fine together. What happens when they are mixed up is the hard drive will default so the slowest CD Drives Spec. Enjoy.
Boot with a 98 boot disk that has FDISK on it.  Check which drive is ACTIVE using the FDISK commands show the drive then if necessary change the active drive and partition.
OliWarnerAuthor Commented:
Sorry! I should have said... NTFS partitions all round    :D

Win98 boot disk got very confused very fast...
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OliWarnerAuthor Commented:
And now its booting right...
and all the disks are in...

ok, very very odd...

So the points are going for the first person to recommend the optimal way to have 2ATAPIs and 2HDs on 2IDE buses...
Put the hard dirves together as master and slave no doubt better performance.
1 more thing make sure to set the jumpers to master and slave on the optical drives also :>)
check the power settings in the bios, I've heard of cases where they influenced the rest...
OliWarnerAuthor Commented:
Hi nobus - what do you mean the power settings in bios?

Dynamic1 - yeah i've gone for that and it seems a little better....

For extra marks and little extra feedback, i've also got a Highpoint RAID controller which i dont use at all... its built in on the mobo...
would i do better to put the HD's separately on this controller rather than the standard IDE - and would it be better if they were on their own cables....?
as in power bios settings - see your ma
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
as in power bios settings, see your manual or here : http://www.epox.nl/manuals/mu-8kra2I&%2B10.pdf
CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will probably get the best performance if you put each hard drive on its own channel in the HPT controller.  Leave the optical drives on the regular IDE controller.  This would probably work if you had 3 or more IDE channels also.
OliWarnerAuthor Commented:
nobus - i'm with you at the power settings - but i've got it do nothing ever turns off... and everything woul be on at boot... its odd...

i'll award points now on a split basis and thanks for your help on advising me here...
if you could post any more general best setup techniques on HD's that really would be great
Personal opinion but to change the question in the middle of people answering.......

Your original issue was that your boot order was affected.
I would try Callandor's opinion; he gives good advice, and thanks
OliWarnerAuthor Commented:
RDAdams, I did ask both questions in my original question:
"Would it be better putting the HD's together? I was classicly told that was bad, but then i also found out that drives only go as fast  as the other device on the cable."

Thanks for your input but I couldnt award it points as it missed as an answer - and awarding point to that, even though you put effort in, isnt how EE works...

There's just one problem with all this extra cabling (1 more IDE cable with 2 unused plugs) that the airflow in the PC is a lot worse... As i've said i'm running a highly clocked 2800+ with an even more clocked ATI 9800XT... dont suppose you know if its safe to snip off the top connector off a IDE cable? or are there ground that i need to make after the cut?
Hi OIL get round cables and I highly reccomend the Zalman and side fan. Check out my 9800 Pro Flashed to XT scores Here ,
http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=2582717 03 7519 I think my clocks were 470 something I dont know if yours are higher but the zalman and side fan combo are great. LOL Now I got a 6800GT and the Zalman does not fit BUMMER :>( Guess its time for some modding.
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