Accessing a website from behind a firewall that filters outgoing packets

I am currently accessing websites behind a firewall. This firewall blocks outgoing access to certain web sites including Hotmail. Is there any service out there on the internet that allows me to connect to a website through it's server (sort of like that server acts as a proxy), so that I can successfully reach the destination website?
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Hi michaeltansg,
You can use anonymous proxy servers. However if the company blocks hotmail I would have thought that they would block these proxy servers aswell.
maundedCommented: should do the trick, its a subscription based service, but I have to agree with grblades, if your sysadmin blocks hotmail, they will probably block the proxy sites as well.
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Firewalls are a policy-enforcement device.  If company policy says don't visit HotMail from work, then circumventing the firewall to do so is probably grounds for termination.

michaeltansgAuthor Commented:
I am choosing a workaround by accessing using bluetooth + mobile phone + GPRS instead. It's just one of my last options. In any case, nothing stops me from accessing Hotmail anytime, anywhere.

Thanks for all your comments.
Well, thats one way around your internal network security
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