xp won't boot after add memory

hp a305w w/256mb ddr sdram added 256mb now computer turns on but no hdd activity and xp won't boot--remove new memory and it works fine (except needs more mem)
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Cyber-DudeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use HP adjustable memory. Provide the model to a known vendor (i.e. Kingston, Micron or any other) to properly use the memory. HP desktops and servers uses non standart memory banks. Also, try to check that memory module on another PC to see if you get the same results: If not than the problem may lay on you desktop. If yes, your memory module is not functioning properly.

Below is a link for Kingston compatible memory module. I would suggest you check technical specs and purchase a non expensive memory module OR just purchase that specific model and save the trouble:

just make sure you did fix the memory at it's location correctly
or try replacing the old with the new and see if it is the modules bank
is the memory that you added same as the one installed, DDR memory also? if it is not ddr also, maybe that is the problem
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You may also try entering bios so the bios will recognize the new ram.
After doing so just click to accept changes. Memory mods must be the same type. ddr sdram son and so on. Also some memory banks require memory mods to be set in certain order.
Rare occasion they must be also the same cl rating.
The Pavilion support only PC2100 and PC2700 DDR memory. If you installed pc3200 or higher, the system does'n't start.
Hi tutroy,

according to your description, it's the new memory chip that gives you problem. As crissand says, is your new memory chip compatible with your board?

boot up will never start if your memory and the board is not compatible. This applies to all computers.

Your wish is my command.

Go back to the old memory. Go to:
Choose   "Analyze My System"    
After UpgradeDetect scans your computer choose "View System Details"
You will get very detailed output from this, that will tell you what type of memory is installed and options on what type of memory is guarenteed to work in your system.

Memory Information
Memory Installed: 640MB
ECC Memory Installed: N
Max System Memory: 1GB
Memory Type: DIMM,?18, Synchronous  
Memory Modules
Module1: 128MB
Module2: 512MB

Do you have a hp a305w
A305W-B ?
or A305WM  

Im not sure but i thought when adding specifically ecc ram that each module had to be the same size?
As is the same case as when you want dual channel ram?
Check and see what your mobo manuel says or the online manul for adding ram or specfically ecc ram.
try the new chip alone
if working
then the 2 chips are not compatible together (different speeds)
tutroy try UpgradeDetect It will work for you
Try the Microsoft memory diagnostic tool:

Use this to test the memory. Chances are it will come up with errors, possibly due to incompatibility or incorrect memory settings.

You could try to fiddle about with the memory settings on the memory modules until you find a combination that works, though you'll want to check out want each setting does and what they should be on your memory module. In any case it's best if the motherboard autodetects the settings using "SPD" or optimal.
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