My screen is not displaying anything!!!

I was shocked to find that when i turned on my case it did not display anything. i have looked inside and nothing seems to be out of place. the pc loads up as normal fans run as normal even the fan on my graphic's card runs but nothing is displayed on my tft, i just says no signal input like it would if my pc was not turned on. i am incharge of a website and i NEED it working ASAP!!! does anyone have any ideas, i am positive it is not a virus. definatley hardware related, im sure. whilst you are getting back to me i will check for other abnormal occurances. this is all the points i have so please help me out. i am quite good with comps so please feel free to ask questions but i may not know all of them. thanks guys....
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If it is totally out of the blue, then there is no specific place to start, except with a methodical approach.  Some of the things that could be causing your system not to boot up (blank video screen):
- motherboard shorting on case
- CMOS jumper set to CLEAR, instead of NORMAL position
- bad connections
- faulty or inadequate power supply
- bad RAM
- faulty video card
- bad cpu
- bad motherboard

To troubleshoot this, I recommend stripping down the pc to the bare essentials: install one stick of RAM, the cpu, and the video card, and reset the BIOS after installing the cpu.  Do not include hard disks, other PCI cards, or other peripherals.
panda-kingAuthor Commented:
nope, my hard drive is spinning, my cold cathodes light up it all seems hunky dorey look at the screen. this is really confusing, i can't think what has done it.
panda-kingAuthor Commented:
ok, how do i reset my bios
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panda-kingAuthor Commented:
also what is my cmos jumper, and how do i set it to normal
Do you know what motherboard model you have?  That would help with explicit instructions.  Otherwise, if you don't know where the CMOS jumper is, take out the CMOS battery for half an hour and then put it back in.
panda-kingAuthor Commented:
asus a7n8x rev 2.0 i think, could be the deluxe. sorry i am a bit of a n00b. i will see if i can find it (never actually looked) thanks for the help so far...
panda-kingAuthor Commented:
also just incase this helps, i am running on xp pro. i have an amd xp 3000, 128mb ati radeon 9800 pro, two sticks of 512 ddr, maxtor 120gb diamond max 9, creative audigy 2 zs sound card and other missilaneous objects. all of which were going to be water cooled by my wacc kit arriving in a few days. but there is not much point in putting that n at the momment :-(
panda-kingAuthor Commented:
ok, i have got it out and its in my hand now.  kts lithium battery, very nice. i dont quite see how this will help, can you explain. also where is teis jumper thing. thanks
Taking the battery out for half an hour will drain all the settings so that when you replace the battery, it will come up with default values.  This helps because spurious values in the CMOS can cause errors in configuration.  The reset jumper is usually a 3-pin header on the motherboard labelled CMOS, with a Normal and Clear position.  It does the same thing as removing the battery, but does it faster.
Right - yes... there are no 'main' or real common problems for something like this...

A good starter would be to take everything out except the CPU and resit the RAM and the video card and see if you can get a signal to the screen...

Then put things back in one by one, testing to see if it still works, to identify the problem.

If it still doesnt boot try cleaning the contacts with pressurised air or specially made contact cleaner but it could just be that a stick of RAM has gone faulty or you've nuked your 3dCard/CPU somehow...
panda-kingAuthor Commented:
ok, i have a suspition its my motherboard, just beacuse its going nto cost alot to replace. i dont think it could be cpu as eveythig from that department is working, and i dont think it can be sound beacuse thats not the prob. it must be either graphics, mother or psu in my eyes, and i dont think it is the psu just because i have that suspition. so in my eyes its either graphics or motherboard. mmm, my pc is a mesh computer, purchased 2 years ago with 3 years on site warrenty for this very reason :-) i will spend an our on the phone tomorrow, and hopefully they will come within a couple of days look at it (and hopefully bring along some spares) and say "well lets try changing this, oh look it works ok bye bye" i doubt it works like that though. thanks for the help so far guys
Maybe a stupid question, but did you reseat the monitor cable connected to the video card? Who knows, it could have come loose...

Also, the monitor could have spontaneously died (which is more likely than the motherboard).

Does the computer make any beeps when you turn it on?

did you test the monitor on another system?
Well resit anything anyway - it might not be any financial problem to replace the motherboard but if the current one is fine then resitting everything (which you'll have to do on your new motherboard anyway) might show you where the problem was...

If something isnt in it's slot correctly, either because its been banged out or its connectors have been oxidised, then that would stop you from seeing anything on the screen...
panda-kingAuthor Commented:
i have tested the monitor. there are no beebs, but i notcied when i turn it on the floppy drive does not make any of the noises it usually does, and just from expeiencing the turn on sounds for so long, lisning to them now, they are not the same. mesh are sending someone to collect it in a few days. after that they take it away and run lots of tests on it to see what the prob is. the man on the phone recond mother board or graphics. as they should be fixing it i am now refrazing my question and splitting the points for the two. one: just make a guess as to what the problem is, if you get it right i will give you 30points. the more inportant question is that before they come i want to back up my hard drive. now i am currently planning on buying the Western Digital Media Center 250 external hard drive to back up eveything on my comp as it is somthing i need anyway. the great thing about this one is the fact that it has a built in memmory card reader along with a usb hub which are both things i have been looking at getting. if anybody could give me the opinions on this and tell me if i am making a bad choice and thinks that there are better alternatives out the please tell me. theremaining point will be awarded to the person that tells me the best way of backing up my data ie. tells me how i can get the data off my current hard drive and tells me which is the best external to go for. thanks all.....
My guess: Nothing is wrong - RAM/Video card just needs resitting.

My opinion: Yeah it's a great little drive albeit a little slow because it's external but nothing odd about that.
panda-kingAuthor Commented:
how can i get the data off my current one onto the external though?
You'll need to take it out and do it on another person's computer...
As read above, slave the disk on another computer, then backup (copy) the files you need, eg my documents.
To save the internet favourites and cookies : export them to a file, you find the wizard under IE>file. to backup your mail, we must know the program you use, cause the system is different, and so are the locations, dependeing on the OS you use
panda-kingAuthor Commented:
ok. are there any externals that you can just pug your current hard drive into and they can just do a complete coppy. i am on xp pro and the comp i hacces to is xp home.
>>>  ok. are there any externals that you can just pug your current hard drive into and they can just do a complete coppy. i am on xp pro and the comp i hacces to is xp home. <<<   What do you mean? If you hook your disk up to another system, you can access your drive from there and copy whatever you want
panda-kingAuthor Commented:
ok, well in the end i got a maxtor one touch and it is formatting now. it has some software that can just to complete copies of hard drives which is perfect. it is my dads which he lent me, so i am still considering buying my own. unsure if i will save money getting good hard drive and a case for it, and also purchasing a seperate memmory card reader and a hub. have phoned up mesh and the next day they send me some lables. they are coming tomorrow to take it away. i will next reply when they tell me what the prob was. thanks all...
Hey there, I like your name, lol. Why do you use it? Just saying that I have the Media Center but you may find it cheaper to get the seperate componets. My mate has a enclosure (icy box) and a 200gb hard drive for under £100! You can get them in silver or black and also with a cool blue glow. Other options include USB 2 and/or firewire. you can get them cheap on ebay (uk unsure about outside but apparrently they are easyer to get hold of un the us) with hard drives included or from places like scan as just the enclosure. As to your other problem I don't have much of an idea without testing it myself. I found a post on here simmilar to your problem and the problem was that the power supply was dieing. If this is the problem then mesh should replace it with a reasnably decent one, but note that if you are customising your pc (ie. adding extras) then you may need to replace it as they will only provide one that will cope with your current spec. check out for a rough guide. I personally use a tagan and highly recoment them, it is better to get a better quality power supply than one that is cheap and with a high wattage. I am unsure if this is your problem as he had slightly differant symptoms so it could quite likely be your motherboard. Hope this helps.

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panda-kingAuthor Commented:
WOW!!! i use the name because i got a t-shirt with it on and i liked it. i tried to get your name but i had to put the dash in because you have it! thaks for the info about the hard drive's. they come in black which suits my current set up aswell. i never new that they were so cheap. i am now upgrading my floppy for £12 for one that has a built in memmory card reader, and i found some really cheap hubs on ebay. ebay uk was great as i am from uk also.i have emailed the guy hat sels tem but he says you cant get the black ones with lights. i dont mind as i will mod it with some tweakmonster lighting strips. thansk for the helpful info...
panda-kingAuthor Commented:
OK, mesh have called. it was a problem with my mobo. i wil be giving callandor 30 points for the first question, a nobody got it, but he was very helpfull and he got back to me very quickly. i will be alos be giving pandaking 100 points for showing me the enclosure which i have now purchased. Thanks alot all
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