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I have a wireless linksys router connecting my home network.  I have 3 boxes running windows xp and one running redhat 8.0.  When transferring across my network from/to my linux box, the max speed I can get is 900-1000kb/sec.  One of my friends has a simliar setup and gets approx 5000kb/s on his home network.  He mentioned something about a setting on the linux box which limited the transfer to 1000kb/s.  

Is there a way to "uncap" the transfer speed to/from my linux box?  I generally transfer using an ftp client like CuteFTP.

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jonnietexasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your friend is wrong.  There is no cap.  I have a 6Mbit connection and I get near that on my linux box.
Hi :-)

Have you compared your 1000kb/s with a copy from 1 Windows computer to another?
source2k3Author Commented:
Any clue why I'm only getting 900-1000kb/s then?  
Yep, you're using a 10MBit hub or switch.  The best you could get would be 1200Kbits/second.  Of course, you never get the maximum.
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