hack problem


this morning, I found the D drive of our exchange server is 13 GB data more than usual.
Someone upload a lot of music file...

I also fould folder called emule...there is a thread is system called emule.exe, and I can not stop it...so I could not delete the files on my hard disk

Please help me!
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LucFConnect With a Mentor EMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Ditto :)

If you're unsure, let us check your running processes.
(as it's 0:17 here I'm going to sleep soon, but I'm sure BigC666 will be able to help you in the time between)

Good luck,

LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi robinyanwang,

yes, it sure looks like you've been hacked :(

Please download Killbox:

And set it to delete emule.exe on the next reboot, this will make sure it isn't running on your system after a reboot.
Now, try deleting the mess.

Afterwards, you will have to check if you're still having any problems, maybe a backdoor was installed.
Try a tool like trojan hunter => http://www.trojanhunter.com/
The free trial will do fine for identifying.

If that doesn't work, do a full virusscan using one of the online virusscanners (don't trust on your installed one at this moment)



yes this is a downloader for Kazza and others, first i would look the remove and install programs for eMule and try to remove it. if that doesn't work let us know.

hope that this helps
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robinyanwangAuthor Commented:

just 5 mins, it is gone!!!

I deleted some files, folders under that folder (the hacker created),..

maybe he noticed that, so , just 5 mins ago, all 13 GB is gone!

also I can not find the emule.exe in the system thread.

Will he come back? how to stop it? he seems a good man, right?
1. have you got all the latest MS updates
2. are you running any antivirus software
3. are you using a firewall

let us know
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
But as that was possible still indicates that someone has full control on your server :(
So what I still suggest you is to check your system for trojans, virusses etc.
robinyanwangAuthor Commented:
ok, I will do it after working hours in the night.

I will let you guys know if I have any thing wrong.

thanks a lot for your quick reply!
BigC666Connect With a Mentor Commented:
you bet

just let us know
I wouldn't take the chance, rebuild that box from scratch.  
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