UML diagrams from classes

Hi all I have four classes and I would like to know if anyone is aware of a software package for windows that is capable of analysing my Java files and from there creating UML diagrams?

I think I had seen something to this nature but I would appreicate all of your advice and hopefully you can point me toward a solution.

The purpose if to increase productivity and reporting mechanisms for my work !

Many many thanks

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JavatmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here are several UML tools for you :

# ArgoUML
# JUG - Java UML Generator
# UML Modeller (KDE app for Linux)
# UML Library for Java
# Quick UML for Java
# UML Sculptor

Hope that helps . . .
UML Plugin for Eclipse :
pjcrooks2000Author Commented:
Excellent response Javatm

ArgoUML looks very useful and Jug creates a diagram from the class itself,

I will just experiment for a short while to check which one is best
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=-) Ok, Thanks !.
pjcrooks2000Author Commented:
Yep Argouml create class diagram but not sure about automatical associations.  I think that has to be done manually :)

good job Javatm

Did you have a look at my other question by any chance???

Yap !, but as I can see top experts are already helping you there and I know for sure objects can handle that !.
Would you add a comment to my profile after accepting say anything you want so that I can have a comment,
Actually no one has given any comments on my profile yet and I would like you to be the 1st one.

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Oops I've seen it already you posted it before I ask you for it. Thanks a lot its my pleasure !.
pjcrooks2000Author Commented:
yep I did it already,

and no could you please assist me on the other question.  The answer is a bit vague i think as I am not sure what he is saying for me to do :(  
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