Session Expire in Crystal report

Dear All

I have a strange problem . When i call a crysal report from ASP page with more than 11 parameter the session get expired . I am calling the report using url method

http:\\servername\reportname.rpt?user0=sa&password0=dba&prompt0=ALL and so on till Prompt9

Please help me . As search on internet and crystal dession site as well but unable to find the solution

Please help


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frodomanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When I said licensing issue that doesn't mean you don't have a licensed version.  The link explains that using a guest account consumes threads which are limited by your license.  If you've read the document and it doesn't apply then don't worry about it - it was a stray thought on my part.

As far as parameters, please try w/out passing them and see if it works when answering the param prompts.  The answer to this will help determine if the problem is in the report itself or in the url.

AFAIK there's nothing specific with Crystal that causes this.  I have one unmanaged report that passes dozens of params and logins thru the URL without any problem.

What version of Crystal are you using?  Also, how long is the entire URL - there may be a length issue with either Crystal or with your browser.

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Have you tried leaving off the parameter values in your URL and letting crystal prompt for them?  You might try that and see if it works...  I suspect it may be a general timeout because the report takes too long to generate, etc. -- I don't believe it has anything directly to do with the number of parameters.

I did just find this information - it could be a licensing issue as well.  Again not related to the number of parameters but instead to the use of a guest account:

lalitgupta_99Author Commented:

Nothing like that . We have licenced verson of the Crystal report 8.0 .

Report si not takiing much time . but yes it is true i have not tried a report not passing a paramenter and let the reprot prompt for that but i doublt it will help me

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